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50 almost free things to with the kids this summer

By Danielle' Dimond

1. Plant and carefully tend a garden

2. Hand wash the car

3. Make a chalk mural on the driveway

4. Bake cookies and deliver to friends

5. Pick flowers and make bouquets

6. Enjoy story time at library or bookstore

7. Go for hike

8. Go geocaching

9. Make homemade ice cream

10. Make homemade snow cones

11. Take a bike ride

12. Paint rocks

13. Visit a farm

14. Have a water fight

15. Visit a museum

16. Jump rope double dutch style

17. Have a picnic somewhere

18. Go fishing

19. Michael's Kids Crafts

20. Home Depot's Kids' Workshop

21. Find pen pals and write to them

22. Learn origami

23. Build with blocks/Legos

24. Play a board game

25. Make homemade cards and send to relatives

26. Tie dye a shirt

27. Take a bus or train ride

28. Write poetry

29. Find some crafts on Pinterest

30. Make a rain catcher

31. Search the clouds for pictures

32. Skip stones

33. Make dream catchers

34. Roast marshmallows

35. Visit grandparents

36. Do a scavenger hunt

37. Grow a frow or butterfly

38. Start an ant farm

39. Have a bake sale

40. Make popsicles

41. Go to a drive-in movie

42. Fly a kite

43. Build a tent

44. Camp in the backyard

45. Blow bubbles

46. Go to a splash pad

47. Float down a river in kayaks or inner tubes

48. Do a service project for someone

49. Go stargazing

50. Have a garage sale

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