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Upcoming Legislative Session

By Representative Jefferson Moss
As we prepare to enter another legislative session, I want to make sure everyone in our area knows how to contact me on issues that are important to you. My email address is and my cell phone is (385) 250-6738. I will also communicate throughout the session through my Facebook page "Representative Jefferson Moss" and my Twitter "@jeffersonmoss" where I will be posting updates and videos. I will also be sending out an email with updates every week. Please let me know if you aren't on my list.
It's always interesting to see what issue becomes the "hot" issue of the session. Often it's something that no one expects. There are a few big issues that will definitely be discussed. Education funding remains a top issue for most legislators and for most of you. For those that don't know, Utah allocates a higher percentage of funds to education than any other state.  Last year, we allocated 42% of state revenues to education with the national average around 30%. That said, we are always trying to find ways to put more into education. Besides funding, my goal is to find ways to empower teachers and reduce barriers. Last year, I listened to the concerns and frustrations of teachers and administrators and passed a bill to pull teacher evaluations back to the local level. This year, I'm working on finding ways to identify, aggregate, evaluate and disseminate best practices from teachers and principals throughout the state. I believe the best source of innovative and effective ideas starts at the classroom level, not at the state capitol.
Tax Reform is also going to be a big issue this year. Our Rev and Tax committee has been working all year on ways to simplify our tax structure and provide a more sustainable model. Rather than increasing taxes, we're working to find solutions that would reallocate funds from other sources by identifying unnecessary or outdated programs.
I've appreciated the feedback that I've received from many of you on specific issues that are important to you. If there is something that you have concerns about, please let me know.
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