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American Fork teen living dream of performing on stage

By Christy Jepson
At age four, Easton Christiansen fell in love with music. It all started when he and his family went to an outdoor community concert, just before his father was deployed to Iraq. Even at such a young age, Easton knew that someday he wanted to be singing and playing the guitar like the performer on stage that night. Easton knew someday he wanted to be "that guy" on stage. But with his dad leaving, this idea got forgotten for a time. It wasn't until Easton was having a difficult time with his dad being gone that his mom, Becca, bought him a half-size guitar and signed him up to take guitar lessons at age four.

Easton admits that being immersed in music is what helped him cope with his dad's absence. "Singing and playing my guitar not only became my way of coping with my dad being gone, it became my anchor and passion in life," said Easton.

One of Easton's heroes is his dad. His father is the inspiration behind one of his songs, "This Uniform's For You." Easton recognizes his father's willingness to serve or help others around him. "My dad is patient and kind and has always encouraged and supported me in following my dreams," Easton said.

Now ten years later, Easton is living his dream of being "that guy" on stage singing and playing his guitar for audiences locally, nationally and even internationally. He has written and produced eight original songs, all available on Spotify, itunes or Amazon. He has written several songs that are his own arrangements or collaborations, has his own band BEKM, and his own EP album 'Roll with it,' and he performs with the One Voice Children's Choir.

"Music is just a part of me, it has helped me personally through so many hard times in my life and is something I can get lost in. When I'm having a hard time I can just listen to music or play my guitar and just write," said Easton.

Easton loves to be part of an industry where he feels like he can help others, lift and inspire them. Since age four, music has helped him through difficult times and has lifted him emotionally during his difficult days.

Over the past six months, Easton has performed the National Anthem for Change of Command Ceremony at Camp Williams, sang the National Anthem at the Fox Hollow 2018 Memorial Classic, he opened for Joshua Creek at the American Fork Amphitheater in June, and also had his album release party in American Fork. Back in April, he performed the National Anthem and his original song "This Uniform's For You" at 'Our Military Kids Annual Gala' in Arlington, VA in which he was one of four military children nationwide that was honored that evening as Our Military Kids Kid of the Year and awarded a Certificate of Gratitude for Outstanding Service to Family and Community.

"One of my favorite places to perform was with the One Voice Children's Choir in Normandy, France last summer as part of the D-Day celebrations. It was such an honor and sacred experience to stand and sing on such hallowed ground where so many lost their lives in pursuit of freedom," Easton said.

Not only is he busy with his music career, he has also had to learn to juggle school, church and community activities. He has been in the advanced jazz band at his junior high school, and all through junior high he volunteered weekly and was a buddy swimmer for a local special needs swimming program. He will be a sophomore at American Fork High School and will be on student council, and we will be a mentor with the intermediate jazz band rhythm section at the high school. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping, hanging out with friends and learning how to drive.

Throughout his life, his mom has watched Easton sacrifice many 'normal' childhood things or activities to pursue his music talent, hobby and passion. "Easton has given up opportunities to go and do to go perform or go to lessons...Easton found his passion at an incredibly young age, and has made many sacrifices to be where he is at," said Becca.

His family loves watching him on stage, doing what he loves to do. "Nothing makes him happier than sharing music whether it is in front of thousands or just a few people," Becca said.

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