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Automotive repair shop on path to EM City Center

By Mike Kieffer
During the July 9 Eagle Mountain Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Commission approved a plan for a new Automotive Repair shop in Eagle Mountain's City Center area. The proposal will now move to the City Council for discussion and ultimately approval or disapproval from the council.

The Planning Commission agenda has this background on the project, "The proposed location for the Eagle Mountain (Jeppson) Auto is within the City Center Commercial property, located at the intersection of Eagle Mountain Boulevard and Pony Express Parkway. The City Center Commercial piece has had multiple preliminary plats approved, each breaking off pieces of an existing lot into building lots. The applicant is proposing to do the same thing here." The agenda continues, "The applicant is proposing an automotive repair shop on a proposed 0.73-acre lot. The City Center Commercial property is zoned Commercial and automotive repair is a conditional use within the Commercial Zone." The building will be located south of the Chevron located in City Center.

The applicant is Bryan Jeppson, an Eagle Mountain resident who has been running a mobile automotive repair service in Eagle Mountain for the last 5 years. Bryan stated, "We have been operating as a mobile repair service for five years and have already established a large clientele within the citizens of Eagle Mountain. We can see the growing demand for a repair facility out here and are looking forward to serving the community in this way." Bryan continues, "We have chosen to build in Eagle Mountain City Center for a number of reasons, the main reason being that this part of Eagle Mountain is experiencing rapid growth right now. Our shop will be the first auto repair center in the area." When asked what they see the future of their company is in Eagle Mountain, he responded, "Right now we are focusing on getting this shop up, but there is no limit to our long-term growth." It has not been an easy process for Bryan, but he has felt the city staff has been helpful in the process. "The process has been long and difficult, but every city employee we have dealt with has been awesome."

There was a variance to the laws that the applicant requested. All parking by code should be behind or to the side of the commercial building, but Bryan has requested a variance based on safety issues. A letter from Bryan to the Planning Commission included the following statement,

"We have designed the building to be 100% in compliance of city code. However, due to these requests, there would be no other option but to have my customers walk across the "danger zone" of the shop. I would greatly prefer not to have my customers and their children walking along the garage bay doors where vehicles are consistently coming and going. Customers are also likely to wander into the garage area and request assistance from a mechanic when they should be entering the main entrance to get assistance from the service advisor.

Therefore, I am requesting that you allow me to have eight parking stalls between the building and the street due to the reasons listed above. Cars would only be parked in these 8 stalls for a short period of time as they will only be used for pick up and drop off. The cars would then be moved into secured parking or into the bays to be repaired. There is space within the building and secured parking area for 25 vehicles, which is where they will remain until the customer arrives to pick up their vehicle after the repair is complete. The vehicle will then be moved to one of the eight stalls between the building and the street. "

The item was approved with the variance by the Planning Commission and will now move on to the City Council for their consideration.
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