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Cedar Fort upgrades park

By Charlynn Anderson

Cedar Fort's Town Park has a welcome addition that is nearly complete. At the Cedar Fort Town Council meeting on July 12, 2018, owner representative Howard Anderson reported to the Council that the restroom in the park is about 98% finished. According to Anderson, the only projects left on the restroom are installing an external hose bib and finishing the floor. The electrical system to the restroom had been completed earlier that day. Anderson recommended modifying the park sprinklers around the restroom so that they spray away from the building. The restroom project was funded with a Community Development Block Grant.

During the July 12 meeting, the Town Council unanimously approved the appointment of Christopher Whiting to the Cedar Fort Planning and Zoning Commission for a five-year term. In March, 2018, Whiting was selected by the Town Council to be a commission alternate. He will replace Tarus Lojik who has resigned from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

With a split vote, a motion to move forward with a water impact fee study was approved. Mayor David Gustin outlined the current fee structure that does not provide enough money for the Town to recover development costs of extending water lines. Because several homes have been built beyond the current water lines, the residents have drilled expensive wells rather than pay the even higher price of extending the water line on their own. Homes built far from fire hydrants are also required to have sprinkler systems, another expense.

Gustin said that increasing impact fees would generate some positive operating capital, provide additional autonomy for the Town to expand the water system, and ultimately reduce costs for residents to hook on to Town water. In accordance with State requirements, an engineering study must be conducted to ensure fairness. Councilman Harold Draper voted against approving money for the study. Council members Ellen Cibula and Wyatt Cook joined Mayor Gustin in voting in favor of allocating $4,000 for the water engineering impact fee study.

In another split vote, the Town Council approved an expenditure of $24,800 in road funds to overlay a section of Station Road. The project will include filling in the potholes and putting in two-inch overlay. The Council opted to pay more for two-inch overlay and applying more material underneath because the thicker finish has a ten-year guarantee and will help keep the road from cracking. Councilman Cook outlined the options for repairing the road, warning that the road is in such poor shape that it will need to be completely re-done if repairs are not made soon. Councilman Draper voted against the expenditure. Mayor Gustin and Council members Cook and Cibula voted in favor of the motion.

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