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Cedar Hills budget is approved

By Linda Petersen
Cedar Hills The city council approved the 2018-2019 budget on June 19. Highlighted below are the main General Fund revenues and expenses.

General Fund
Where does the revenue come from? $
Taxes 2,568, 117
Licenses & Permits 92,000
Intergovernmental 71,000
Charge for Services 818,300
Recreation & Cultural 430,000
Misc. Revenue 55,500

Where does the money go? $
Personnel (Salaries, wages & benefits) 840,024
Operations 606,157
Public Safety 1,302,841
Contracted Solid Waste Services 388,000

What's New?
The budget includes funding for the first phase of Harvey Park, a renewal and amphitheater improvemetns at Heritage Park ($150,000) and widening of Harvey Blvd. ($600,000).
Recycling and utility rates have been increased to offset contract costs.
Major renovations to the Cottonwood well were budgeted ($200,000).

This story includes highlights of the budget. It is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the document. As such, the revenues and expenditures columns above do not have totals provided and, if added up, do not equal each other. For a detailed budget, visit the city website.
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