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Cedar Hills closes door to smoke shops

By Linda Petersen
CEDAR HILLS The city council has passed an ordinance basically banning smoke shops, vape shops and retail tobacco specialty businesses from the city.

Since the city's commercial area is close to Lone Peak High School and residential neighborhoods, city officials have determined it is in the "best interest of the public health, prosperity, comfort, and convenience of the City of Cedar Hills, and the residents" not to allow them into town.

Instead, the only places tobacco, tobacco products or paraphernalia can be purchased are at food establishments greater than 10,000 square feet or gas stations, (2,000-plus square feet), at pharmacies greater than 10,000 square feet or a business that has on-premises alcoholic beverage sales license. Each of these places must also have a tobacco sales business license.

The city will not issue tobacco sales business licenses for the operation of retail tobacco specialty businesses or vape shops.

Any businesses operating as tobacco sales businesses may have their business licenses suspended, revoked or terminated if they do not renew their tobacco sales business license continually; if they are closed for business or otherwise suspend the sale of tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia for more than sixty consecutive days; or if the business substantially changes the business premises or its business operation without city approval.

Violation of the ordinance is a class B misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $1,000.

On May 1 the city council unanimously passed the ordinance.
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