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City looks at The Ridge development

By Linda Petersen
ALPINE The city council has reviewed plans for the Ridge at Alpine Subdivision which consists of 72 lots ranging in size from 0.46 acres to 3.08 acres on a site that is approximately 189.5 acres. Just over 68 acres of the property has been designated as a conservation easement with an additional 58 acres proposed as additional open space.

The development at about 1100 North Grove Drive has what is known as a Planned Regional Development designation which is meant to cluster lots to preserve open space and view scapes. Most of the area (178.9 acres,) known as the
Oberre Annexation, was annexed into the city from the county and is subject to a development agreement between the developer and the county.

According to city code, a PRD "encourages a density of development that will be expressive of satisfying community life, that will conserve natural resources, protect scenic values, and prevent traffic congestion."

Under the development agreement, no more than 20 percent of the lots can be less than 30,000 square feet and none can be under 20,000 square feet.

The remaining 10.6 acres is not part of the annexation and is being proposed as a 12-lot Planned Residential Development.

The developer originally planned to donate two acres for a soccer park but the planning commission has recommended it be a family park instead, citing concerns over parking in the area. Parking and restrooms were also added to the plans by the planning commission. However, during the July 10 council review, Mayor Troy Stout and the council seemed to favor leaving it a soccer park as there is a need for more soccer parks in Alpine, they said.

Developer Paul Kroff said he will work with the trails committee to design two trails across the property.

Stout said that retaining walls previously built in the development while it was part of the county would need to be approved through the city's processes. The City was not willing to accept the potential for failure of the walls when the developers had completed the construction and were no longer liable, he said.

The development will come back before the city council for final approval in the coming months.
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