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Dennis and Carole Malmstrom honored as Cedar Fort Grand Marshals

By Charlynn Anderson

The proud tradition of honoring residents who serve and contribute to the community is exemplified in Cedar Fort's July 24th Parade Grand Marshals, Dennis and Carole Malmstrom. They were selected to greet friends and neighbors while riding in a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang in the town's parade on the morning of July 24th and circle the arena to open the rodeo later that afternoon.

The Malmstroms are hard workers who enjoy visiting and helping others. Dennis is easily recognizable around town with his handlebar mustache and cowboy hat. Carole is well-known for her warm smile.

"They are priceless to us," said Cedar Fort Activities Chairwoman Harmony Withers. She speaks of the Malmstroms with an extra helping of love because Withers' husband, Kent is their grandson. The Withers' son calls them "Grandma and Grandpa Good Idea" because they always have good ideas of fun and useful things to do. "We've learned more from them than pretty much anybody," Withers said.

Dennis Malmstrom was born in the old Relief Society Hall in Loa, Utah and grew up in Loa. He moved to Cedar Fort in the 1960's when he worked at Deseret Livestock South Ranch in Skull Valley. A pipe-fitter by trade, he has worked all over the West in shipyards, doing stainless steel and nickel work on a soda ash plant in Wyoming and working for Titan Steel in Salt Lake City.

Dennis also pitches in with hard work in the community. He served on the Cedar Fort Town Council for two years with responsibility over the cemetery. He served on the Cedar Fort Planning and Zoning Board for 13 years, and the volunteer fire department for many years. He shared his love of the outdoors with many Boy Scouts during his time as Scoutmaster.

Carole was born in Michigan and moved all over the country because her dad was a truck driver. In an interview in their home on July 9, she said that as a child she attended 10 schools in 11 years. Carole has worked as a checker at Kohler's and Albertson's in Lehi. Most of her work experience was in providing daycare for local children. Many Cedar Fort residents fondly remember spending time in Carole's loving care when they were little.

Carole and Dennis met when Carole was working for her uncle at the LDS Church Ranch in Fairfield, cooking for the cowboys. The couple were married and Carole moved to Cedar Fort in 1978. They have 8 children between them, lots of grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren so far. "Our kids know how to work," said Dennis. "We're pretty proud of them."

They may be retired, but the Malmstroms stay busy tending their beautiful yard, staying in shape at the Lehi Legacy Center gym and attending senior activities with the Lehi seniors. They still enjoy living in Cedar Fort. "I love this town. We have some pretty awesome people here," Carole said.

Dennis summed up his feelings about Cedar Fort when he said, "I'd rather be right here than anyplace else in the world."

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