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Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well

By Dr. David Kemp

Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well    Vitamin D

The key to a happy life is health.  In this column we will discuss the importance of nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and more: all things that contribute to a healthy life.  Today, as the winter ushers in the cold and flu season, I thought it appropriate to discuss one of the most important nutritional supplements for boosting the immune system: the Sunshine Vitamin itself, Vitamin D. Did you know that Vitamin D cannot be produced without the sun?   So in the winter when we have minimal sunshine, we are not getting enough Vitamin D.  Recent studies have shown that the majority of the population is dangerously deficient in Vitamin D.  This is one of the main reasons that as winter approaches, so does the sickness.  In a recent study where the subjects were given a high-quality Vitamin D supplement for 3 years, the incidence of cold and flu were almost reduced 100%!  Only 1 in 104 subjects developed the cold or flu in three years! Vitamin D deficiency is highly linked to chronic fatigue, chronic muscle pain, depression, fibromyalgia and a list of other health issues.  It is very important to start your entire family on a Vitamin D supplement as soon as possible. And, as with all supplements, quality is the most important concern.  Generic, synthetic vitamins will not give you the effect you are looking for.  Seek only the highest quality supplements with raw, naturally-derived vitamins.

And remember: eat well, think well, move well and be happy.  Kemp Chiropractic

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