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Fairfield makes plans for new city hall/museum

By Linda Petersen
FAIRFIELD At its April 12 meeting, Mayor Brad Gurney told the town council that to move forward with the town hall/museum plans, the town needs to vacate the right-of-way from 1540 and approximately 1840 West on the west side of the Camp Floyd State Park Commissary near the creek. The mayor said there will need to be a retention pond/ditch behind the building to avoid any runoff or flooding to the surrounding properties.

Gurney said he is hoping that construction of the building can begin in July or August. He is confident that the entire 10,000-square-foot plans of the facility will be built, he said. The county needs the town to submit estimated costs for construction of the museum. the town will need to pay an architect to have engineered plans drawn up, he said.

The council discussed the possible lease of the 7-acre parcel owned by the town. It was decided that whoever leased the land would need to be in charge of the irrigation water turn on the property and would only be allowed to farm the land. Since the only access to the property is through Jed Winters' property, the council determined it would be difficult to lease the parcel.

The Council agreed to allow and offer the use of the land to Jed Winters to turn the irrigation water and farm the land during the irrigation season. (The town previously purchased the 7-acre parcel from Winters.)

The town has received approval from UDOT to install two engine brake restriction signs on SR-73 at about mileposts 18.05 and 22.26. The town's nuisance ordinance says the use of dynamic braking devices, also known as engine retarders, and commonly known as "jake brake" on SR-73 within the limits of the town is prohibited

The council voted to appoint Alina Pringle as a new planning & zoning commission member and Dave Reit as an alternate commission member.
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