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Fairfield may eliminate half-acre zone

By Linda Petersen
FAIRFIELD Mayor Brad Gurney and the members of the town council are continuing to work on updating the town's ordinances, most recently updating the conditions of the commercial overlay zone and the lighting standard ordinance. They will be turning their attention to the home-based business, subdivision and nuisance ordinances next.

At their July 12 town council meeting, Planning Commission Chair Daymon Stephens approached the mayor and town council members to gauge their interest in eliminating the half-acre zone in Fairfield. There has been a great deal of support for Fairfield to maintain a rural community and having a minimum of one-acre lots will help ensure that, he said.

It would also eliminate rezone requests to half- acre if the zone did not exist.

Just two properties would be impacted by this change, but any lot on record at the time of the zone change would still have a buildable lot whether it meets the zone or not, Stephens said.

Council members RL Panek and Tyler Thomas expressed support for the proposed change. Council member McKinney said she was not sure it was the best time to make this change with all that is going on right now. In answer to a question by McKinney, Stephens said all planning commission members support the change. Stephens will now take the feedback back to the planning commission.

Gurney said he is still working to fill the open council position after a resident who was previously interested said he no longer has the time to serve.
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