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Local carpet cleaning business uses essential oils to enhance cleaning process

By Christy Jepson
Three years ago, Cory Newton, a Saratoga Springs resident, started a family-owned and operated carpet cleaning business, Nature Pro Cleaning. This local business specializes in using essential oils in their cleaning solution instead of harsh chemicals to clean carpets.

The quality of products is what sets Nature Pro Cleaning apart from other companies. They use truck mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and doTERRA's On Guard cleaning concentrate in their cleaning solution, which makes your house smell clean and fresh. With a lot more people using essential oils, customers are grateful to see more natural cleaning solutions being put on their carpets.

"I don't use harsh chemicals to clean with and I also use essential oils to enhance the cleaning process. My favorite is doTERRA's On Guard Cleaning concentrate. I add it to my pre-spray to help break down stains. It has powerful plant-based ingredients that are also anti-viral and anti-bacterial, to not only remove stains, but also enhance the air quality," said Newton.

Newton started this family business with his brother-in-law, who is also part-owner. During the summer time, he also employees his children who have the chance to work with him so they can earn money and learn the value of hard work. "I really enjoy working with my children. It gives me the opportunity to teach them how to work hard and I get to spend time with them," said Newton.

What inspired Newton to start his own carpet cleaning business? It was the knowledge, experience and insight he gained from his part-time carpet cleaning job he had many years ago when he was just 15 years old. His boss, who was also his baseball coach, quickly became his mentor, who taught him and showed Newton the correct way to clean carpets, he also taught him how to treat customers, and how to essentially start his own business from the ground up.

"He gave me seven priceless years of experience as I worked for him through high school and college. He gave me confidence I needed to start my own company and was right there guiding me through the process. I couldn't have done it without him," said Newton.

If you would like more information about prices or to schedule an appointment, call or text 385-900-3132 or visit them at Nature Pro Cleaning is offering a 50% discount for any new customers who would like to try their carpet cleaning services.
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