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The Crossroads Journal is the only way to promote your business to homes and businesses in Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Fairfield, Cedar Fort, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Highland, and Alpine. The Crossroads Journal is the free local community newspaper delivered twice monthly since 2000.

The Crossroads Journal is mailed directly to every home and business in Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Fairfield, Cedar Fort, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Highland, and Alpine. Get the most bang for your buck by advertising in The free local community newspaper. Insertion of your printed material is always available. Over 30,000 readers and growing.

As a public charter school and a purposefully small school, our dollars are tight once we get away from the classroom. The Crossroads Journal has been a great partner in keeping our existence in the public eye for the communities sending students to us. In terms of cost effectiveness, nothing beats our hometown paper. Rockwell is grateful for the support we get from The Crossroads Journal and looks forward to a long-term relationship.
Darren Beck - Director, Rockwell Charter High School
Get your business information out to the fastest growing area in the state. Let us help drive business your way through The Crossroads Journal.

All advertisements includes an ad on our website as well.

AD SIZE             PRICE          DIMENSIONS
1/16 Page           $100            2.33'' X 2.61''
                                                   or 3.15'' x 2''
1/8 Page             $164            4.8'' X 2.61''
                                                   or 2.33'' x 5.34''
1/4 Page             $269            4.8'' X 5.34''
                                                   or 9.75'' x 2.61''
1/2 Page             $441            4.8'' X 10.8''
                                                   or 9.75'' x 5.34''
Full Page             $723            9.75'' X 11'
801-787-9502 for promotional rates on 6 and 12-month advertising
Suggestions and information on advertising click HERE

Service Announcements:

Announcements are $0.10 a word plus $10 per photo. Graduation, Wedding, Mission, Scouting, Anniversary, Obituaries.

Prices for service directory:

Our Service directory are business card sized full color ads in the paper. Your company will also be featured in our "Local Business Directory" on our website.
$75 a month for 3 months; $225
$55 a month for 6 months; $330
$45 a month for 12 months; $540

Printed Classifieds:

Printed Classifieds are only $12.00 for one month. Your classified will also be featured online in our classifieds section.

We have found that when we need more precision marketing for our local fiber optic network, the Crossroads Journal is a key marketing tool for this area and we get results.
Ben Hayes, Account Executive - Direct Communications Cedar Valley

Contact either James or Wendy about your advertising needs

James Crandall

Wendy Lojik

Or feel free to fill out our online form to contact us.

Design Services Available.

Payments must be received before ad is printed or inserted.

Preferred Locations available for an additional 20%.

Publishing Deadlines
Artwork due by 6pm

There are so many different ways to advertise & I find that the Crossroads Journal is a very effective way for us to advertise to our local market! People love to read about what's going on in the local community and businesses. I plan on advertising in the Crossroads Journal for a long time!
Kevin Tenney - Tenney's Pizza
Advertising in the Crossroads journal has helped me reach my local clientele and target market. I get local exposure and can correlate advertising with local happenings and interests. The Crossroads Journal staff have been great to work with.
Kathy Grover - Remax Overland
We have loved working with The Crossroads Journal for 10 years! It has been our #1 source for exposure to new customers and a great way to keep our company on people's minds. We have tried many avenues of advertising but have found that The Crossroads Journal is the most productive and cost-effective for us. Plus, they are great to work with! Traci Marinos, Owner of Ranches Housekeeping Service
Traci D. Marinos - Ranches Housekeeping Service
We appreciate the focused distribution we get with the Crossroads Journal. We have a very specific audience of potential customers and we reach exactly who we want with the CJ. Wendy is always great to work with, and we highly recommend the Crossroads Journal!
Aaron Monson, Chief Operating Officer - Riverton & Zenith Family Health


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