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New treasurer for Cedar Fort

By Linda Petersen
CEDAR FORT The town council appointed a new town treasurer at its March 17 meeting. Ashley Cook was appointed to the position after an interview with Mayor David Gustin and Councilmember Richard Stark who recommended her to the council. Cook has been a financial broker for the last four years and has managed the books of Cedar Valley Net for 2 1/2 years. The council thanked Autumn Blackner for her service.

At the same meeting, the council voted to appoint Christopher Whiting who has lived in Cedar Fort for four years. Clay Sorenson also applied for the position but a motion to appoint him died in a 3-2 vote. Gustin said he has reviewed the planning commission by-laws and that he does not want to have alternates in the future. Instead, he favors using the process in place for when a planning commission member resigns or his/her term is completed.

Gustin informed the council that the planning commission has appointed Gary Cook as its vice chair. The planning commission is currently studying a right to farm ordinance which would require someone developing next to agricultural land to erect fencing to protect children from agricultural activities.

Councilmember Howard Anderson gave an update on the installation of the restrooms at the park. The engineering drawings were complete. Construction will have a six- to eight-week timeframe, he said. Construction is done off-site and then a crane will position the restroom in place. The ramp to the restrooms will be concrete, and the restrooms will have locking doors. Anderson suggested that they be locked at night. A walkthrough on the water line was scheduled for that Friday. The hydrants would be usable by the following week, Anderson said.

The town is required to pay 4 percent of the cost of the restroom. Gustin said the low bidder on the project was Nolan Construction and that they are giving the town a very good price.

The council discussed a $2,000 Utah County Commission grant available to the town He then spoke about the rollover money from the Utah County Commission for $1,000 from the prior council. There is $2,000 available for the town to use in tourism, a recreational facility, cultural facility or convention facility. Gustin suggested if the rodeo grounds qualify that it be used for benches or a sound system.

Future council meetings were moved to the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.
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