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Plans for American Fork 200 South widening move forward

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK The city council has awarded a contract for the redesign of 200 South.

The new design will include a realignment of 200 South and Mill Pond Road, a five-lane road from Mill Pond Road to 570 West, a two-lane road (with no widening of the railroad) from 570 West to 300 West and a roundabout at 300 West to connect all three roads. It may include the design of a trail on the south side of the road which will be constructed in a separate city project.

Currently, the road has a capacity for 31,000 vehicles per day. The city's Transportation Master Plan states that with expected growth if the road is not improved it will fail by the year 2040.

Proposal requests were issued to three companies. The finalist, PEPG, was chosen because it represented the best value to the city, Public Works Director Scott Sensanbaugher. The amount of the contract was $361,260 which will be paid by impact fees. The contract amount may be amended to include up to $ 229,540 for construction management services.

When the contract was presented to the council for approval on July 10, some council members and residents requested three viable road options be developed. That condition was included in the motion to approve the contract with PEPG. When the design concepts are finalized, they will be presented to the public for feedback.

Funding has not yet been identified for the road construction project which is anticipated to cost in the $20 million range, but the city has submitted a project prioritization concept report to the Mountainland Association of Governments to be considered for grants and/or loans. It is likely the road would be financed with a combination of MAG and city monies. Once funded, the estimated timeline for the project is two years.
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