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Saratoga Springs Police Department gets new body cameras

By Linda Petersen
SARATOGA SPRINGS The police department is replacing its body cameras. The Saratoga Spring Police Department was one of the first departments in the state to utilize body cameras which it did in 2014.

The original cameras were funded by a Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice grant. The new cameras will cost $49,955, $23,876 of which will be covered by beer tax funds received by the city.

Police department officials say they need to replace them due to improvements in body camera technology and a lack of technical support from the current provider.

Police officers tested cameras in the field from four different suppliers earlier this year. They then narrowed it down to two vendors: WatchGuard and Mororola.

Officials say the WatchGuard cameras exceed the Motorola's capacities. Two features, in particular, could be beneficial to the department they said.

Record-After-the-Fact allows a user to go back in time and retrieve video even if the system was not actively recording an event.

"It is our belief that the Record-After-the-Fact feature in itself could be very valuable in a criminal case or in the event of a civil lawsuit," the department's presentation to the city council said.

WatchGuard cameras also include a feature that allows the activation of one camera to automatically activate all cameras that are in a close proximity to each other. If several officers arrive at the scene of an incident and only one officer remembers to activate his camera, this will automatically activate all WatchGuard cameras, including in-car dash cameras if they are in close proximity to one another.

The police department currently has a small number of WatchGuard in-car dash cameras and expects to receive more in the near future.
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