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Saratoga Springs receives Public Works Project of the Year award

By Linda Petersen
Caption: Saratoga Springs' marina pump station has been recognized with an award from the American Public Works Association. Photo/APWA

SARATOGA SPRINGS The city's marina pump station has been named the Public Works Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association. The award was presented to the city in a June 19 city council meeting by Ed Rufener, APWA Utah chapter president.

The award recognizes a design professional and/or contractor for outstanding achievements in project design and/or construction of a public works project during the previous year.
The pump station on Utah Lake was developed to provide secondary irrigation water to the southern portion of the city.

The $4.5 million project, which was designed by Hansen, Allen & Luce, and built by Cop Construction, was begun in December 2016 and completed last summer. No other city has a pump station that pumps water directly from the lake into its secondary water irrigation system. Due to the algae problems in the lake, an algae treatment system was installed in the pump station.

It includes four vertical turbine pumps and a 28-foot deep wet well which is equipped with a pressurized water diffuser system along the floor to prevent sediment buildup. The project replaced the Fox Hollow well that had become unusable.

The American Public Works Association encompasses all areas of public works and provides a variety of certification, educational and enrichment programs for public works personnel.
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