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Town council continues work on ordinances

By Linda Petersen
FAIRFIELD Town council members are still hard at work overhauling the town's ordinances.

Council member RL Panek will get help from Preferred Paving and Deputy Recorder Vonda Cook to help to write the town's road standards, he told the council June 14.

Mayor Brad Gurney would like the road ordinance written and approved as soon as possible. He told the council he was particularly concerned about half Roads. According to the state ombudsman, the landowner has to provide the frontage/access to their property and the town provides and sets the standards, he said. Gurney suggested that the ordinance require all landowners who need to develop a road to access their properties to ask surrounding landowners to dedicate frontage for a 55-foot width road and 10 feet of both sides of the road for utility easements to the town. This would need to be documented with the landowners' signatures to avoid any properties being landlocked, he said.

With the resignation of Town Councilmember Konnie Savage, the council discussed how to replace a town council member and some possible candidates for the position. Mark Pringle, Jaysen Densley, Carol McKinney and Christine Stephens were all recommended. Gurney said he would contact each of these people to provide them with information about the duties of the position. He said he would provide recommendations at the next town council meeting.

Gurney reported that for the museum/town hall project to move forward it would be necessary to hire an engineer to draw up the plans. The county needs to review the plans and know exact costs before they will proceed, he said. Gurney reported that he had spoken to an individual who said he could do so for $9,500. A previous bid by larger engineering company had come back in at $65,000. The council subsequently approved up to $12,000 for the plans to be drawn up.

The council plans to add some wording to the land use ordinance to address removal of planning commission members. Currently, under the ordinance, the mayor may remove a commissioner but he and the council want to change that so that it would require a vote of four commission members to do so. Commission members could be removed if they miss three consecutive meetings or 40 percent of the total meetings. The council is also considering rotating planning commission members. Gurney plans to contact commission members to see if any are interested in ending their terms and in finding out if there are town residents who are interested in serving on the commission.

The council also discussed revisions to the business license process and fees associated with it.

They established a process and fees associated with business licenses and fire inspections. Once the changes are approved a business license certificate will cost $10. Fire inspections will have two tiers. Tier 1 inspections which will cover home-based and small businesses will cost $40 while Tier 2 (Light industrial, commercial, large business) will be $65.

Business license renewal information/applications which will be issued by the town recorder will be sent out to business owners in April/May.
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