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Town to update roads ordinance

By Linda Petersen
FAIRFIELD Town officials are working on an update to the town's road standards and road ordinance. On March 21, they passed a resolution indicating they were doing so.

According to the resolution, those who were in the process of obtaining a building permit by March 8 can continue to build under the current road standards but will have to comply with the new road standards before an occupancy permit can be issued.

They are also working on a landscaping ordinance which Mayor Brad Gurley called "a living document" on March 8. Gurley said restrictions should be scaled back for the present and could be scaled up for the future when needed.

Gurley does not support having a buffer zone in the ordinance. The zones with the large acreage are big enough not to require a buffer zone, he said. It would force landowners to fence big lots and it will become very expensive, he added.

The council discussed boundary adjustment language, and Gurley, who will be attending a boundary line dispute seminar, agreed to have town attorney Larry Jenkins address questions on the issue.

The council also had a lengthy discussion of possible fencing provisions and height restrictions to be included in the ordinance.

Gurley updated the council on the property transfer of on the new museum and town hall. It should be complete by early June, he said. He is working on getting plans drawn up and bids for the new building.

Gurley would like to see a small office for the sheriff's office in the building. It would increase the sheriff's presence in the town, he said. The council decided to research the subject and see if there would be any interest from the sheriff's department.

Council members are also considering incorporating a concessions stand that could be managed by the fire department into the building plans. The proceeds earned would go to the fire department and emergency services.

Council Member Tyler Thomas updated the council on the culinary waterline extension project and stated that Strong Solutions had started construction and expected to shortly have an encroachment permit from UDOT on its easement which the waterline extension will run through.

Thomas said when Strong Solutions staked the area, they discovered the fiber optic line buried there is not straight and that it would cause the contractor to have to cross that line many times while digging. Strong Solutions is researching options including acquiring a utility easement across the Butterfield property, he said.
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