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UDOT widens Pioneer Crossing I-15 interchange

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK Work has begun on the I-15 Main St./Pioneer Crossing interchange project which will add one lane in each direction at the northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp.

To help alleviate backup traffic, the contractors will be adding an exit lane near the Millpond intersection, running eastbound on Pioneer Crossing to the ramp meter. Three lanes of traffic will merge into two lanes at the ramp meter, and then down to one. The road will split out to five lanes on the northbound side of the road. There will be a total of three traffic lights installed in the project area.

Three of the five lanes will be developed as westbound lanes across the bridge, and the other two lanes will have a light for eastbound traffic into American Fork.

Work on the project began on the west side of I-15 on July 12. East-side work began in mid-August. The project is expected to be complete by late-fall.

During construction crews will mostly work daytime hours Monday through Thursday in 11-hour shifts with weekend work as needed. While crews are working on the shoulders traffic may be shifted but, all lanes will be open during daytime hours.

Updates on the project can be obtained by calling the hotline (385)275-2111 (which is staffed directly by consultants) or visiting the project website

It is expected that Pioneer Crossing will be widened at some time in the future.
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