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Work moves forward on Alpine pressurized irrigation meters

By Linda Petersen
ALPINE As part of its ongoing pressurized irrigation meter project, the city has awarded the bid for the ultrasonic water meter supply to Hydro Specialty Company, the low bidder at $789,252, about 20 percent less than engineer estimates.

Hydro Specialty Company was the only bidder on the water meter boxes project. At $789,252 Hydro Specialty Company was the only bidder. The bid was $91,692.15, about 13 percent less than engineer estimates.

Meter installation is expected to be completed in four phases over the next two years. Work recently commenced on the first two phases of the project in the north and eastern parts of the city.

Four-hundred-sixty three residential units and 463 non-residential units are expected to be installed in the first phase with 579 residential units and 596 non-residential units in the second phase. That work is expected to continue into next year.

Residents will receive a notice of the work in their area 7-10 days prior to construction start, and another 48 hours prior to the start.

Once the installation is complete and the system is online, the meters will be read remotely from City Hall. Residents will also be able to access the meters and read their water use from their cell phone, tablet or computer.

The city council has also approved new fees for new connections to the system to cover the cost of the installation of the new meters. A 1-inch meter installation is now $520 ($580 with no provisions for meter); a 1.5 meter is $1,625 and a 2-inch meter is $1,680.

The city has set up a website, along with a hotline (801-899-1239) where residents can track the project's progress and find out current information.
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