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22 things to hose off on the lawn

By Danielle' Dimond
There are some things in your house that are cumbersome to clean, and there are some things in your house that are too disgusting to get your hands into to clean. However, when the weather is nice and your grass is warm, you're in luck because there are a ton of things that you can clean out on your front lawn with a hose and a scrub brush. It's a great job for kids to do too! Here are some ideas:

1. Garbage cans (indoor and outdoor)
2. Highchairs
3. Shower curtains
4. Plastic toy bins
5. Screens
6. Cleaning caddies
7. Storage bins
8. Pet crates
9. Pet cages of all sizes
10. Exercise mats
11. Large food storage containers
12. Laundry baskets
13. Plastic blinds
14. Large toys (exercise saucers, play gyms, etc. Be careful of battery devices)
15. Drawer organizers
16. Coolers
17. Kids' car seats (remove cloth covers first)
18. Car floor mats
19. Vacuum canisters (remove from vacuum first)
20. Refrigerator shelves and drawers
21. Kitchen floor mats
22. Outdoor furniture cushions
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