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Lehi to honor former Fifth Ward members during Heritage Day
City looks at The Ridge development
Work moves forward on Alpine pressurized irrigation meters
Fairfield may eliminate half-acre zone

New singing groups for Cedar Hills kids
CEDAR HILLS A new singing group is offering opportunities for local youngsters at the Cedar Hills Community Center this fall. Celebration Singers is offering Tuesday classes for three separate groups: grades one to three (3:30 p.m.); grades four to six (4:15 p.m.) and grades seven to nine (5 p.m.) The classes are being taught by Camille Butler Tullis and Stephanie Goodman Welsch. Tullis
UDOT widens Pioneer Crossing I-15 interchange
AMERICAN FORK Work has begun on the I-15 Main St./Pioneer Crossing interchange project which will add one lane in each direction at the northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp. To help alleviate backup traffic, the contractors will be adding an exit lane near the Millpond intersection, running eastbound on Pioneer Crossing to the ramp meter. Three lanes of traffic will merge into two lanes
Eagle Mountain Arts Con
The Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance has held a writing workshop in the fall for the last four years. This year, we are going to represent all the arts, and have changed our name to Eagle Mountain Arts Con. The workshop will take place on September 22 at Black Ridge Elementary in Eagle Mountain, with a writing boot camp on the evening of the September 21. While we still have the same classes that r
Lehi officer becomes Facebook star
Caption: Officer Bryson Lystrup, his wife Lisa and sons Cohen and Aiden have made a video that has been viewed almost 5 million times LEHI A Lehi police officer has become something of a Facebook star after a video he posted in response to a national police department lip-sync challenge has gone viral. The lip-sync challenge began in Texas in June when the Bexar County Sheriff's Office pos
Pioneer Highlight - John Moyle
In 1926, sculptor Torlief Knaphus created the Handcart Pioneer Monument. Today it is displayed in Salt Lake City at Temple Square. The bronze sculpture depicts a man pulling a handcart with a woman to his side and a boy pushing from the back. Knaphus decided on using John Moyle as the likeness for the man in his sculpture. This was appropriate because John Moyle's life models the attributes
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