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State ordered to pay Target for interchange infringement
Candidate clarifies intent in contacting state election officials
Hepatitis outbreak in South Utah County
Child Behavior Questionnaire

Northern Utah County Notes
Cedar Hills The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards recently named Kylee Wunder, 14, a freshman at Mountain Ridge Junior High, a finalist in its annual competition. Kylee worked with her mom to organize and host two soccer camps for area kids with autism, soliciting local sponsors and training more than 100 volunteers each year to bring their idea to life. Kylee, whose twin brothers have auti
Eagle Mountain passes Ridgeline Protection
In October, 2017, the Planing Commission held a public hearing in regards to a proposed Ridgeline Protection Overlay Zone. At that time, the Planning Commission approved the City Staff recommendations. The Overlay Zone was then sent to the City Council, which held a public hearing in November of 2017. The proposal was discussed and direction was given to the City Staff for some changes to be ma
Expand your family tree at the new FamilySearch Center
The new FamilySearch Center in Lehi is a great place to explore and discover your family history. The center has many resources to help guests research their ancestors and preserve treasured photos and documents. Not only does the center have over 100 computers for research, they have a 35mm slide scanner, photo scanner, flatbed scanner and a document scanner to help preserve and digitize photo
The Flu in Utah
"If you've listened to the news or been on social media," says Aislynn Tolman-Hill of the Utah County Department of Health, "you have definitely seen the term 'influenza epidemic' being used." But you might be surprised to find that Utah is not necessarily being hit all that hard with the flu this season-- at least compared to other states. Tolman-Hill says that the current flu season (2017-201
Motorized vehicles banned in Lambert Park - again
ALPINE The city council has reenacted a moratorium on motorized vehicles in Lambert Park which expired in January. City officials say that while motorized vehicle use in the park was regulated prior to and after the moratorium, park users were not adhering to those regulations. In a January 9 city council meeting, Mayor Troy Stout said that in past years, the city tried to impose speed limits
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