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Lehi holding steady with its budget
LEHI -- Lehi's city council has approved the city budget for 2017-2018. "The proposals presented for funding in this budget reflect the needs of our rapidly growing community and focuses funding on the goal set forth by the council of helping Lehi continue to develop as a family‐centric community," Mayor Bert Wilson said in his introduction to the budget. "We need more time for our Parks Impact Fee Fund to be replenished before we undertake any additional projects," he said. "…We are
Lehi Fire holds open house
LEHI -- Lehi City Fire Department will celebrate Fire Prevention Week October 8-14 with a Monday, October 9 public open house at Station 81,176 North Center Street. At the open house, residents can tour the fire prevention trailer and chat with Community Emergency Response Team members about their role in the city. Children can enjoy the Kids Zone with a hydrant prop, hose rolls, kids coloring area, fire gear to try on and get their photos taken with Blaze the fire dog and the Smokey the Bear
Bookmobile program ends in Cedar Hills
CEDAR HILLS — Local readers will no longer have access to the bookmobile after Utah County informed city officials it would no longer help fund the bookmobile program without the city's help. The county worked up some figures and proposed that Cedar Hills pay $5,616 for the service which had previously been provided for free. In the past, the bookmobile stopped at the roundabout near Walmart from 1 to 3 p.m. every other Monday. According to county figures, from June 2016 to May 2017 there wer
Firehouse Subs donations help make Utah County safer
AMERICAN FORK -- The American Fork Fire Department recently received a grant from the Firehouse Subs Foundation for $33,145 in extrication equipment. The equipment, which is battery-operated, will speed up the time it takes to rescue motor vehicle accident victims. Currently, the department utilizes gas-powered tools which can be unreliable in low temperatures. The Lehi Police Department also received a $12, 950 grant from the Foundation to purchase tactical helmets which will protect firefig
Northern Utah Notes
ALPINE The Healey Well will be out of service for the rest of the season due to mechanical issues. Because of this, city officials are asking residents to conserve water by reducing their sprinkler times. AMERICAN FORK The American Fork DUP Museum now has an in-house digital resource center that is word searchable. Guests can find histories and pictures of the early settlers of American Fork. You can visit the museum by appointment. CEDAR HILLS 40th Birthday Cedar Hills will celebrate
High School and Middle School Events
All Schools - Fall break - October 19 - 23 American Fork High Home Events Football - September 29 vs. Granger at 7:00 Football - October 13 vs. Bingham at 7:00 Soccer - September 28 vs. Pleasant Grove at 3:30 Soccer - October 3 vs. Bingham at 3:30 Volleyball - September 26 vs. Bingham at 6:00 Volleyball - October 3 vs. Pleasant Grove at 6:00 Volleyball - October 10 vs. Lone Peak at 6:00 Volleyball - October 12 vs. West Lake at 6:00 Lehi High Home Events Football - October 13 vs. M
Eagle Mountain bench holds dark history
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain is located in the Cedar Valley in Northern Utah. The city only has an official history of twenty years, but the area has a long history and has been witness to good and bad events. The Cedar Valley is usually associated with the Pony Express trail that runs trough it, but the Pony Express is not the only history the valley has seen. As the Eagle Mountain benches are developed, the cedar trees are cleared and open space is covered with buildings and pavement. D
UDOT gives updates on two major projects
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- The western area of Utah County continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Utah. Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain are experiencing massive growth, creating the constant need to expand the services needed by residents and businesses in those areas. One of the biggest areas of concern with all this growth is transportation. The combination of ever-increasing numbers of residents and ongoing construction have clogged the roads, creating the need for local governm
Lehi hosts Night Out Against Crime
LEHI — The city and Lehi Police Department held a special Night Out Against Crime event on Thursday, August 17, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Wines Park, 100 East 500 North. While the police department has celebrated this national event in years past in a more low key way by visiting individual neighborhoods, this year the city wanted to take things up a notch, Events Coordinator Melanie Hansen said. "This will be the first time we've done a big event like this," Hansen said. "We thought it would be
Football, entertainment, and lots of fans at the Mascot Bowl
LEHI -- Get ready football fans for a fun and crazy tackle football game with local mascots and the Skyridge and Lehi High School's 8th-grade football teams at the 14th annual Mascot Bowl on September 25 at Skyridge High School. The mascot team will be made up of local favorites: Cosmo, Lil' Bear, Leo, Grizzbee, Bumble, Swoop, Big Blue, Waldo, Thor, Willy, Brooks and more. Not only will there be the main tackle football game between the mascots and the two school's football teams, there wi


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