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Utah National Parks Council hosts service day at new scout camp
The Utah National Parks Council will soon have 13 camps available for scouts, youth, community groups, church groups and families to enjoy. On January 20, the announcement was made that this new camp (not yet named) will be located in Eagle Mountain at the bottom of Pole Canyon, in between Fairfield and Cedar Fort. Thanks to a generous donation, this 100-acre camp will include flat, open wooded areas that are ideal for large or small group camping. Some of the camp features will be: a Stake A
Fairfield to extend water line
FAIRFIELD Town officials have awarded the bid to complete an extension of the town's culinary water line. On February 27, the $106, 282 culinary water project which will run north parallel to Highway 73 and east on 2200 North Was awarded to Strong Solutions LLC. Four parties, Shawn and Heather Strong, Kyler and Stephanie Fisher, Jerry Bradshaw and Jane and Gary Lancaster, who will benefit from the line, will each pay the town $22,670.50. Initially, town officials had planned to have the
Cedar Fort streamlines building application process
After being sworn in, Cedar Fort's new mayor and town council immediately got to work streamlining the application processes for building permits, culinary water connections and business licenses. The lengthy agenda for the January 23 Cedar Fort Town Council meeting included twenty-two items, three of which proposed changes in how the town handles applications for building and business. Mayor David Gustin detailed how building permit approval had previously taken weeks and sometimes months to
Fairfield plans to increase water fees
FAIRFIELD At their December 17 meeting, town council members discussed increasing the monthly water bill by $6 with another 89 cents for data usage for the new cellular meters. This increase will take place when the new meters are all up and running. They also met with members of the planning commission to discuss several of the town's ordinances. Light Industrial Zone Planning Commission Chair Daymon Stephens explained that some changes needed to be made to the light industrial zone.
Lone candidates elected
FAIRFIELD The general election was recently canceled by the town after it was determined that there was just one candidate running for each open position. Those candidates were Brad Gurley for mayor and RL Panek and Konnie Savage for town council. In this situation state law allows the municipality to cancel the election as long as there are no propositions on the ballot and the candidates are considered to have been elected to those positions as if they had won the election by ballot. The new
Cedar Fort Mayor elected by 7 votes
Cedar Fort is a small community that is nestled in the Cedar Valley west of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. The town was settled in 1856. In 2010 it had a population of 368. In the 2017 general election, the city had two 4-year Town Council seats and the Mayor's seat up for election. There were a total of 169 people who voted in the election (155 voted at the polling station, 12 provisional ballots, and 15 absentee ballots). Because of the small number of people involved in the election the
Roads and water addressed at Fairfield Town Council meeting
FAIRFIELD Town officials have been working for several months on road dedication plat maps. Mayor Brad Gurney said the town has embarked on this venture to clarify which roads actually belong to the town and where they are located. At their November 9 meeting, Gurney told the town council and the public that there are several property owners in Fairfield whose property either crosses or extends into roads. The mapping project is an effort to get the roads platted so there is formal document
Westlake High School Band set to march in Rose Parade
While millions of Americans will most likely begin 2018 by relaxing and watching TV on New Year's Day, 166 members of the Westlake High School Marching Thunder Band will be performing in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, one of the most famous parades in the country. "The Tournament of Roses Parade is the granddaddy of all parades. We're excited to participate and represent our school, cities and the State of Utah," Brek Mangelson, Westlake High School Band Director, said in a telepho
Batteries cause fire at landfill
FAIRFIELD A fire that burned overnight at the Intermountain Regional Landfill was likely caused by lithium batteries from residential garbage, General Manager Rob Richards said. Richards believes it is likely that a truck containing the batteries (or possibly charcoal) came in on Saturday, December 2 and sat overnight since the landfill is not open on Sundays. (Lithium batteries get compressed when waste is compacted, the process of which can provide a heat source, igniting the batteries un
Fairfield officials look at water projects
FAIRFIELD At their September 19 meeting, the town council considered authorizing the installation of a six-foot concrete wall around the town water tanks' control panel and meter base to protect them from being vandalized, along with bringing in dirt to build up a dirt mound around the spring. Town officials are looking into a previous water project grant to see if there are enough funds to cover the project. Mayor Brad Gurney said even if there were not enough funds left in that account, it w


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