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Town council continues work on ordinances
FAIRFIELD — Town council members are still hard at work overhauling the town's ordinances. Council member RL Panek will get help from Preferred Paving and Deputy Recorder Vonda Cook to help to write the town's road standards, he told the council June 14. Mayor Brad Gurney would like the road ordinance written and approved as soon as possible. He told the council he was particularly concerned about half Roads. According to the state ombudsman, the landowner has to provide the frontage/acces
Cedar Fort ready to celebrate July 24th
CEDAR FORT -- Cedar Fort residents look forward to their annual July 24 celebration with its traditional rodeo, parade, carnival and town-wide water fight. Families and former residents gather each year for a down-home small town celebration with a pioneer flare. This year's festivities will include several new twists on well-loved events, and introduce some new activities as well. The town clean-up on July 19 will feature a Service Scavenger Hunt. According to Cedar Fort activities chairwo
Cedar Fort/Fairfield to create joint fire department
CEDAR FORT -- Cedar Fort Mayor David Gustin proposed a joint fire department agreement between Cedar Fort and Fairfield at the Cedar Fort Town Council meeting on May 24, 2018. The Mayor said that he has already met with Fairfield Mayor Brad Gurney to assess both towns' needs and begin the process of unifying the fire department into a joint venture. Gustin said that before proceeding further he wanted the Town Council's input on the proposal. The current fire protection contract between th
State puts the brakes on Fairfield town hall
FAIRFIELD -- The town has run into some snags in its efforts to develop a town office/museum. On May 10, Mayor Brad Gurney reported to the town council that the state officials no longer want the town to construct its building on land on the on the west side of the Camp Floyd State Park. (The state originally agreed to transfer the rights to a one-quarter-acre parcel there). Gurney said state officials do not believe the building can be constructed for the town's estimated price of $500,000.
July Community Events
Food Truck Rallies Every Monday in Alpine (Legacy Park) from 5 - 9 p.m. Every Monday in Saratoga Springs (Neptune Park) from 5 - 9 p.m. Every Tuesday in Eagle Mountain (3688 E Campus Dr.) from 5:30 - 9 p.m. Every Tuesday in Cedar Hills (Heritage Park) from 5 - 9 p.m. Every Wednesday in Lehi (Wines Park) from 5 - 9 p.m. Saratoga Springs is hosting its annual summer concert series at Neptune park every Monday at 7 p.m. In Eagle Mountain, come and take an ESL class every Saturday from 10
Fairfield makes plans for new city hall/museum
FAIRFIELD — At its April 12 meeting, Mayor Brad Gurney told the town council that to move forward with the town hall/museum plans, the town needs to vacate the right-of-way from 1540 and approximately 1840 West on the west side of the Camp Floyd State Park Commissary near the creek. The mayor said there will need to be a retention pond/ditch behind the building to avoid any runoff or flooding to the surrounding properties. Gurney said he is hoping that construction of the building can begin i
Camp Floyd Manager Mark Trotter Retires
by Charlynn Anderson Outfitted in his striking blue Civil War-era Union Army uniform, Mark Trotter became the face of Camp Floyd State Park during his nearly eighteen years as Park Manager. His photo is still featured on the Camp Floyd section of the Utah State Parks website. Trotter retired on April 1, 2018, taking with him a multitude of memories and leaving a legacy of educational programs and activities that share the unique history of Camp Floyd. Trotter began managing Camp
Town to update roads ordinance
FAIRFIELD — Town officials are working on an update to the town's road standards and road ordinance. On March 21, they passed a resolution indicating they were doing so. According to the resolution, those who were in the process of obtaining a building permit by March 8 can continue to build under the current road standards but will have to comply with the new road standards before an occupancy permit can be issued. They are also working on a landscaping ordinance which Mayor Brad Gurley c
Utah National Parks Council hosts service day at new scout camp
The Utah National Parks Council will soon have 13 camps available for scouts, youth, community groups, church groups and families to enjoy. On January 20, the announcement was made that this new camp (not yet named) will be located in Eagle Mountain at the bottom of Pole Canyon, in between Fairfield and Cedar Fort. Thanks to a generous donation, this 100-acre camp will include flat, open wooded areas that are ideal for large or small group camping. Some of the camp features will be: a Stake A
Fairfield to extend water line
FAIRFIELD — Town officials have awarded the bid to complete an extension of the town's culinary water line. On February 27, the $106, 282 culinary water project which will run north parallel to Highway 73 and east on 2200 North Was awarded to Strong Solutions LLC. Four parties, Shawn and Heather Strong, Kyler and Stephanie Fisher, Jerry Bradshaw and Jane and Gary Lancaster, who will benefit from the line, will each pay the town $22,670.50. Initially, town officials had planned to have the


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