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Alpine monitors water usage
ALPINE — City officials concerned with over usage of the city's pressurized irrigation water have hired a part-time employee to police water usage for 20 hours a week through October 15. The employee will be paid for out of the city's surplus funds. At a July 25 city council meeting, Mayor Sheldon Wimmer said he receives phone calls regularly from residents complaining that their neighbors are overwatering and said he wanted it addressed. City Councilmember Troy Stout said he would prefer to
Town council votes to pay elected officials
FAIRFIELD — In August, the town council voted to start paying themselves on the condition the town has the money and salaries and compensation does not exceed 25 percent of the budget. The change is necessary, they say, because the duties assigned to each elected official have increased (meaning they have to spend more time on them), and they're finding they are dipping into their own pockets for town expenses. But no one is going to get rich off this change. Mayor/Town Administrator Brad
Ryan Poduska: Saratoga Springs's Newest City Council Member
SARATOGA SPRINGS - Ryan Poduska was sworn in as the newest member of the Saratoga Springs City Council at their meeting on September 5th. Poduska's appointment fills the vacancy left by his father Bud Poduska's passing in July. According to the City of Saratoga Springs Facebook page, Ryan Poduska was born and raised in Orem, but relocated to Saratoga Springs while he attended Brigham Young University. After marrying his wife, Crystal, they lived in various cities around Utah County before mak
Maverik headed to Saratoga Springs
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Saratoga Springs will now be "Adventure's first stop." At the August 22 city council meeting, City Council members unanimously approved a plan and conditional use permit for a Maverik convenience store to be built on the corner of 2015 South and Redwood Road. The 5,500 square foot store will boast fuel pumps, an RV sewer dump station, and 30 parking stalls for patrons needing their daily caffeine fixes. Various council members touted the benefits of the convenience store's
Effective studying techniques
Students hear it all the time. "Study the notes." "Look over your homework again." "Did you study?" But do students really know how to study effectively? My answer, from my own teaching experience, is no. Some of the fault lies with us teachers. We need to do a better job teaching students how to study rather than assuming students intuitively know how to. The thing is, the most effective study strategies are not intuitive. What FEELS like the best practices actually AREN'T the best practice
An age-appropriate chore list
The benefits of giving kids chores include increased confidence, responsibility and a sense of contribution to the family. It also shortens Mom's to-do list. Here are a few age-appropriate chores to get your kids started. Ages 2-4 • Put toys away • Clean up spills • Dust some surfaces • Wipe light switches/doorways • Get dressed • Feed pet Ages 5-7 • All of the above • Help load/unload dishwasher • Make the bed • Bring in the mail • Set the table • Clean up bedroom • Wipe
Lehi holding steady with its budget
LEHI -- Lehi's city council has approved the city budget for 2017-2018. "The proposals presented for funding in this budget reflect the needs of our rapidly growing community and focuses funding on the goal set forth by the council of helping Lehi continue to develop as a family‐centric community," Mayor Bert Wilson said in his introduction to the budget. "We need more time for our Parks Impact Fee Fund to be replenished before we undertake any additional projects," he said. "…We are
Lehi Fire holds open house
LEHI -- Lehi City Fire Department will celebrate Fire Prevention Week October 8-14 with a Monday, October 9 public open house at Station 81,176 North Center Street. At the open house, residents can tour the fire prevention trailer and chat with Community Emergency Response Team members about their role in the city. Children can enjoy the Kids Zone with a hydrant prop, hose rolls, kids coloring area, fire gear to try on and get their photos taken with Blaze the fire dog and the Smokey the Bear
State audits Lone Peak Fire Department
By Linda Petersen The Office of the State Auditor recently released a review of the Lone Peak Fire Department. The audit was performed after the auditor's office hotline received "numerous allegations of impropriety regarding various aspects of Lone Peak Fire Department," according to a letter sent to Alpine Mayor and Board Chair Sheldon Wimmer included with the report which was released August 29. Cedar Hills Mayor Gary Gygi, who is vice chair of the district, told his city council that bef
Eagle Mountain hosts writers' workshop
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance (EMAA) held their Writing Workshop in Eagle Mountain on September 9, at Black Ridge Elementary School. The event hosted 70 writers from around Utah and several out of state attendees (Arizona, and Idaho). Participants could choose from 21 different classes the attendees taught by 18 different instructors from authors just starting out, to authors who have sold best-selling novels. The classes were designed to help writers improve their writing


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