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6 small ways you can make big change in your community

By Jessie Shepherd, MA, LCMHC
Sometimes it can feel overwhelming wanting to be a part of your community but not knowing where to start. The neat aspect of being part of a community is that each and every member has the responsibility to make it great. So if you are aspiring to make where you live a better place, here are a few small ways you can a make big positive change.
1. Neighborhood Clean up: Once a week we like to take a trash bag and clean up the random trash that can naturally accumulate on the walks we frequent. If we all do a little bit, it makes a big difference in keeping our community clean.
2. Random acts of kindness: Random acts of kindness for our neighbors can be as simple as smiling and waving or as time intensive as dropping off some home-baked cookies. Either way, we are setting the tone of kindness and being grateful for the people around us.
3. Get outside: The best way to meet your neighbors is to get outside. With the weather getting nicer, it is easy to get out to ride bikes, walk to the store or get some yard work done.
4. Go to city meetings: Getting involved in local government can give you a voice, and going to your city council meetings can create real change in your community. For dates of city council meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings, visit your city's website.
4. Plan a neighborhood event: If you really want to meet your neighbors, create a social event! You could plan an ice cream social, a "drive-up" movie night or even a BBQ. The idea is to get people out and mingling.
5. Volunteer in the community: This is a great way to get to know like-minded people in your community. If you look on your city's website, they usually have a community cleanup or library reading program you can volunteer for.
6. Support local businesses: By supporting local businesses, you are embracing the character of your unique community. You also feed your own economy by keeping your money within the system and backing your neighbors in their success. Here is the link to find local businesses in Utah:
Remember that by simply being positive in your community, you automatically make it a better place.
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