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6000 West to be resurfaced

By Linda Petersen
HIGHLAND -- The city council has approved a contract with Geneva Rock to rehabilitate two major stretches of 6000 West. This road was chosen after the city engineering team evaluated all the roads on the city's priority for damage and drainage issues, City Engineer Todd Trane told the city council February 6.

The city will spend $826,227.98 to have Geneva Rock pulverize the existing asphalt and resurface 6000 West from 10550 North to the Timpanogos Highway (SR-92) and from the Timpanogos Highway to 111800 North.

Additional patch and crack sealing work (which will cost an estimated $166,865) will take place in April and May. Surface treatments (estimated at $521,559) will be completed in June and July.

After bids came in higher than expected, work on Mercer Hollow Road and some others small projects was postponed until next year. Trane told the city council that Mercer Hollow Road would soon be cut to provide connections for a new development anyway.

Geneva Rock was the low bidder on the project. Five other companies, Staker Parsons, Eckles Paving, Kilgore Contracting, Post Asphalt Paving and Granite Construction, bid on the project.

The city's proposed budget for road projects this year which will be depleted by this project is $1.5 million which comes from road fees ($1 million) and B & C road funds ($500,000).

Last July, the city enacted a road fee of $18.50 fee per month per residence after a city-commissioned road study indicated the city's regular budget could not handle repairs and maintenance needed on city roads and that an additional $1 million would be needed each year to bring them up to standard. The road fee will be in effect until 2028.
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