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Alpine to implement deer control plan

By Linda Petersen
ALPINE City officials are working on putting together a deer control plan. Two resident surveys indicated that most residents wanted a solution to the deer problem but were split down the middle on how it should be handled, Mayor Troy Stout reported to the city council at its March 27 meeting.

One group wanted to save the deer while the other group wanted to get rid of them, he said.

With an estimated 500, the deer population in Alpine has begun to pose a hazard to motorists as well as a nuisance to residents with gardens and yards near their traditional habitat. The deer population also appears to be growing, Stout said.

Stout and City Manager Shane Sorenson have been working with the Division of Natural Resources on a non-lethal solution. They are moving forward on a trap and release program which would commence at the end of November, since it is easier to trap the deer then when food is scarce.

Trail cameras would be set up to record the presence of deer in the traps and then volunteers would visit the traps and capture them.

Provo and Herriman cities are already participating in this program. DNR representatives had indicated an Alpine program would be more challenging for them because its staff was so small.

Deer trapping could be done in the summer which would be more difficult, but the outcome for the deer was better because the deer weren't as stressed and the likelihood of finding feed was higher when they were transported to the new location, Stout said.

The DNR recommends 15 to 20 traps to cover the city adequately. The city will need to come up with a list of hot spots for deer. Sorenson said he is going to see if the Public Works Department would be able to construct the traps.

Once the traps are constructed, they will put out a call for volunteers to help with the program.

The program is expected to last for three years. At the end of that time, city officials will evaluate its progress.
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