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American Fork officials approve new fee schedule

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK The city has updated its general fee schedule. While many fees remain the same, there are some significant fee changes.

Under the new structure, special events are broken out into categories rather than charged as one specific fee. There is a base rate of $25 per event and then event sponsors choose from a cafeteria of options from Parks service ($25/hour) to fire engineer or tower ($200 per event). The cost for use of most city parks has remained the same but the use of Robinson Park has increased from $150 to $200. The pavilions at Rotary Park now cost $40 for a large pavilion and $30 small (resident rate).

Business license processing fees are $40, but, per a change in state law, home occupations that do not have an impact are not charged any fee. Those that need a certificate of license must pay $10. Commercial business license fees have dropped from $200 to $160. A license for a food truck vendor has also dropped from $200 to $160 but they do have to pay a $40 annual processing fee so it's a wash.

Fire riser inspections have dropped from $75 to $25 but fire alarm panel inspections are now $25 (previously no charge)

In the past, the city has charged $25 for recordings of public meetings. They've dropped that charge (although the city will not record onto personal thumb drives).

Northern Utah County Library Cooperative partial member yearly card fees are $40

In residential building division fees, they've removed gas line plan review, RES check (building code), electrical, plumbing, mechanical, temporary occupancy and fence permit fees. For commercial development, they've eliminated gas line plan review, com check and temporary occupancy fees. In building applications, they've also eliminated home occupancy permit, renewal, final plan review and overtime fees for plan review.

The Timpanogos Special Service District impact fee for Equivalent Residential Units has dropped from $3,812 to $1,708 for sewer and storm drain. Multifamily impact fees (previously not charged) are now $1,110. Garbage can fees have gone up by .10 to .20 cents per can.

Fitness center fees have gone up by about $10 to $20 annually (or $1/month) and by about $20 to $30 quarterly for families and individuals. Senior citizen 'track only' punch cards have dropped from $30 to $25. Recreation fees for various sports have gone up slightly.

There is no longer a fee for a beekeeping permit.
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