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American Fork orders new fire truck

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK The fire department is getting a new fire engine but it's going to take a while. On September 12, the city council approved a purchase agreement with Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. for $681,309.86 for a custom enforcer top mount 1500 GPM fire engine pumper.

With the agreement signed, the manufacturer is working with a fire department committee to design the engine according to American Fork Fire Department specifications. They expect to have exact specifications to Pierce by mid-December. From there, it should take nine to 10 months to build the fire engine.

The new engine will replace a 1987 Mack engine which will be put in reserve, and the new engine will be utilized for emergency incidents. According to firefighter/paramedic Scott Christensen, maintenance on the 1987 pumper truck has been a challenge.

"No one stock those parts anymore. We've had to custom build them, resulting in a lot of downtime," he said.

With newer safety requirements, they have also not been able to man the Mack engine with more than two firefighters at a time, he added.

Fire Chief Aaron Brems previously told the council in a work meeting that the purchase will ensure his department has a reliable engine for emergencies and has enough engines for concurrent calls. It will also help with cutting down maintenance costs for the older fleet.

At the same meeting, Mayor Jim Hadfield told the council the city had a superior Insurance Services Office rating of Class 2 but that number could drop to Class 4 if the department's fleet and stations are not updated. American Fork is one of the few cities in the state that has a rating of Class 2, he said. (Higher ISO ratings can mean lower fire insurance rates for city residents.)

The city will actually lease the $681,309.86 fire engine over five years from Pierce Manufacturing's financing division, PNC Equipment Finance, at 1.5 percent interest, with annual payments of $145,680.24 (amounting to a total of $710,000).

Funding for the engine will come out of the fire/ambulance account.
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