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American Fork regulates porta potties

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK City officials have approved a watershed ordinance they say gives the city the ability to oversee its watershed to protect the city's water supply.

Individuals using portable toilets, vault privies, septic tanks, leach fields or animal enclosures for construction or recreational activities are now required to obtain an American Fork watershed protection permit in addition to a Utah County Health Department permit. A copy of the latter must be presented when applying for the city permit.

The new ordinance primarily enacts restrictions on how closely these sewer disposal systems can be located to water sources, adjacent properties and camp sites. It also requires the systems be emptied completely at least once each year and allows the city access to inspect the system to ensure compliance with the terms of the permit.

The primary regulator of the ordinance is the Utah County Health Department.

Councilmember Carlton Bowen said he felt the ordinance was redundant because the situation was already being regulated by the county. His opinion was not shared by other council members who all voted to approve the ordinance

This issue affects the city more than any other entity and the ordinance is "absolutely necessary" when it affects the drinking water and the residents of the community, Councilmember Kevin Barnes said.

While there are no restrictions on animal enclosures, owners still need a permit and the owner needs to inform the city of the type of event requiring animal storage, the number of cattle/sheep/horses/hogs and how long they will be corralled there.

Violation of the ordinance is considered a Class B misdemeanor with a fine of $50 per day. If the violation reoccurs, that amount goes up to $100 per day.
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