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American Fork to use county services for elections

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK—On June 13, the American Fork city council approved two resolutions indicating its intent to annex two small parcels of land: the J & R Bailey Annexation consisting of 1.688 at approximately 1000 East Queens Drive and the Tolman Annexation consisting of 2.029 acres at approximately 118 South North Utah County Boulevard.

The city council also approved an agreement between the city and Utah County for the administration of the 2017 Municipal Elections. Initially, some council members expressed concerns. Council member Carlton Bowen said he was concerned that an exclusive vote by mail system was not a secret ballot because voters' identifying information was physically attached to their ballot choices at the time that their ballot was submitted. He was also concerned about the possibility of fraudulent voting.

Council member Jeff Shorter said he wanted to have city staff look at the cost of what the county charged compared to what it would cost the city to conduct its own elections. He said there was not enough time to do so for the upcoming election, but would like to see a cost analysis in the future.

Council member Kevin Barnes agreed with some of those concerns discussed, but said he agreed they did not have enough time to make any changes for the upcoming election. In the end, the council voted 4-1 (Ayes: Barnes, Brad Frost, Rob Shelton, Shorter) to approve the agreement.
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