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Bikers for a Good Cause

By Matthew Gary Milam
During the good-weather months of the year, motorcycle clubs are an iconic sight along the country's roads and highways. Seeing these riders elicits in us the desire for freedom and the open road. These days, however, motorcycle clubs do more than just provide a recreational outlet for their riders. The clubs are doing great things for their communities, and the "Immortal Knights" are no exception.

On December 2, 2011, its 8 founding members decided to form a "public safety motorcycle club," calling themselves the "Immortal Knights." The Immortal Knights describe their membership as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, corrections officers, doctors & Nurses, EMT, military veterans and "citizens who enjoy serving their fellow man."

Leaders of the group explained, "Our primary goal in becoming a public safety motorcycle club is to develop a bond between law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT's, dispatchers, military, correctional officers & officers of the court, medical doctors & nurses -- and their families -- in time of need."

The name Immortal Knights was chosen for some very specific reasons. First, the word Immortal represents the group's tribute to the "fallen" and a desire to keep their memory forever alive. Second, the group sees those that serve their communities and country, in a variety of ways, as deserving of the label Knights. Finally, the group points out that the initials of their name are "I" and "K." The letter "I" is the ninth letter of the alphabet and "K" is the eleventh, thus forming the emergency number 9-1-1. The group says, "This is to further honor our first responders and the memory of the tragic day in our history when the twin towers fell, and the senseless loss of life that came on that day." They add, "We commit ourselves to the memory of those who have fallen in defense of life, liberty and the freedom from oppression."

The Immortal Knights (PSMC) host and co-host a range of events such as "First Responders Tribute Rides," memorial rides keeping the memory of various fallen heroes alive, and "Chili's Night Out" rides. The money earned during these events goes to such organizations as the Blue Haven Foundation, who assist the surviving spouses of those who have died in the line duty, and the Fisher House, a home where families of military and veterans can stay free of charge while loved ones receive medical treatment.

It's not only the human heroes that are paid tribute by this great organization. A K-9 hero such as "Officer Dingo" is one example of those animals that die in the line of duty, working alongside their human counterparts in serving our communities and country.

The good work performed by this organization and the enthusiasm of its members can be summed up by this quote that can be found on the main page of their website: "Our love for the wind in our faces, the organizations we sponsor rides for, and the togetherness only two-wheels can bring, burns deep into our souls. You will recognize it in every one of us the wear our patch."

The patch of the Immortal Knights is a purple shield bearing a fiery Phoenix, the Mt. Timpanogos, and a snow-capped mountain of ash with a green valley below.

For more information about the Immortal Knights, or to join, send an email to--
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