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City officials want paved Lambert Park access

By Linda Petersen
ALPINE The city council is considering building a secondary road through Lambert Park.

On September 12, Ross Welch, a representative of Patterson Construction, developer of the Box Elder South subdivision, presented three options for the road to the city council. He said Patterson Construction was willing to build a secondary access road out of the Box Elder South subdivision but a decision would need to be made quickly because they were preparing to sell lots in the subdivision and if they needed to reconfigure it, they needed to know sooner rather than later.

The first option would be a road connecting Box Elder South to the proposed Wadsworth Meadow subdivision which runs along the lower end or west side of Lambert Park.

The second option would connect Box Elder South to the portion of Wadsworth Meadows which would run along the east or upper side of Lambert Park near the forest service boundary.

The third option would just be the existing emergency access road which leads from Box Elder to Moyle Drive.

The fire department had emphasized the need for a paved road to accommodate emergency vehicles.

City Attorney David Church said the emergency access road to Moyle Drive would be abandoned if one of the other two roads was built.

After some discussion, the council voted to send it to the planning commission for that body to make a recommendation.

On September 19, the planning commission came back with a recommendation to keep Moyle Drive as the secondary access through Lambert Park to Moyle Drive, something they considered least disruptive to the park trail system. The fire department had emphasized the need for a paved road to accommodate emergency vehicles.

But on September 26, the city council rejected the planning commission recommendation, saying that they wanted a paved road.
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