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City tries for PARC tax after losing funding last year

By Linda Petersen
CEDAR HILLS Elected officials are hoping this year residents will vote in favor of a 0.1 percent PARC tax even though voters narrowly defeated basically the same tax proposal (then called a CARE tax) in last year's general election.

Last year residents voted 51.20 percent to 48.40 percent against Proposition 6 which city leaders said would have paid for improvements at Bayhill Park and Heritage Park.

In the Voter Information Pamphlet on Proposition 7, City Councilmember Jenney Rees, writing in support of the tax, says that the funds generated by the tax, $40,000 a year would be used to help complete the city's trail system, a newly-acquired 12-acre park near Deerfield Elementary and help provide community services.

"While this tax is minimal, it has the ability to have a large positive impact on our community and quality life, making Cedar Hills an even more desirable place to live," she writes.

In its argument against the proposed tax, the group Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (Jerry Dearinger & Friends) claims that the city has a history of irresponsible spending and that it is not the "proper role" of city government to tax and spend money on programs that "are not necessary for its residents."

"Don't vote to take money from your unwilling neighbor's pocket by using your vote to impose an unnecessary new tax," they write.

Prior to 2016, in both 2008 and 2012, the CARE Tax was approved by Cedar Hills voters. In the past it has been used to fund a basketball court at Heritage Park, a restroom at Mesquite Park, finish the community center basement and fund various recreation activities.

The wording of Prop. #7:
Shall the City of Cedar Hills, Utah, be authorized to impose a 0.1% sales and use tax within the city to fund cultural, recreational and botanical organizations or facilities in the city?

FOR the Imposition of the 0.1% Sales and Use Tax
AGAINST the Imposition of the 0.1% Sales and Use Tax
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