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Cowboys, villains, comedy and fun at the Desert Star Playhouse

By Christy Jepson
What do you get when you combine cowboys, current event impromptu jokes, villains and toe-tappin' songs? You get "The 3 Amigos: Showdown at the Del Taco Ranch", a musical that is now playing at the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray.

This production is loosely based upon the storyline of the 1986 comedy starring Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short. But as always, Desert Star Playhouse throws in their own music, characters, plot twists, local humor and current event jokes.

As the story unfolds, Goldilocks Capone is trying to force farmer Rico Del Taco to sell his ranch to her because his ranch has the only water source for the town of East Wendover. She knows that as soon as she controls the water, she will control the town. The Del Taco family is in need of a hero to help them! So Rico's beautiful daughter, Chalupa, goes out to Utah's west desert to find heroes to help her family fight against the villain, Goldilocks Capone. In the desert, Chalupa runs into The Three Amigos: Deseret Jim, Catastrophe Jane and Rusty Spur. The 3 Amigos are actually only actors on their way to perform in Murray, Utah. Along the dusty trail romance sparks, fights break out and Goldilocks takes Chalupa for ransom. The end result is a fun night full of laughter. Don't leave after the curtain call, because Desert Star's signature musical olio "One Hit Wonders" follows the show.

If you have never been to Desert Star Playhouse you are in for a treat. At Desert Star, the actors try to get each other to laugh, they are known to throw in some spontaneous lines and you can order delicious food at your table to eat while you watch the show. They serve complimentary popcorn, but you can also order pizza, fresh wraps, burgers, desserts and more.

"The 3 Amigos: Showdown at the Del Taco Ranch" plays June 8 thru Aug. 19 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7pm. There are also two additional shows on Fridays at 6pm and 8:30pm. On Saturdays, they add shows at 2:30pm, 6pm, and 8:30pm. Tickets prices are $24.95 for adults and $14.95 for children (11 years old and under). Desert Star Playhouse is located at 4861 S. State Street in Murray. Call 801.266.2600 for reservations ,or you can order tickets online at
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