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Economic development board gets new members

By Mike Kieffer

The Economic Development Board in Eagle Mountain had some new members appointed during the March 21 city council meeting. The Eagle Mountain City website explains the purpose of the Economic Development Board: "The Economic Development Board, under the direction of the city council, assists in encouraging appropriate economic development within the city of Eagle Mountain in an effort to provide service amenities for residents, additional commercial tax base for the city and employment opportunities for citizens. Members of the board are non-paid, citizen volunteers who are appointed by the mayor, with the approval of the city council, and serve three-year terms."

The new members that were appointed by the city council are Ben Tanner for a three-year term, Ryan Myers for a two-year term and Mike Anderson for a three-year term. Ryan Myers was already a member of the board. The city council member that is assigned to be the liasion with this particular board is Stephanie Gricius.

City Code [2.20] defines how the economic development board is to conduct its business. The board is to consist of five residents from Eagle Mountain, and they are to be appointed by the city council. The terms are to be staggered so that they do not expire on the same date. The board meetings fall under the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, and their documents are to be considered public documents. The board is to meet as often as necessary. They are to make any recommendations to the city council in writing or in public meetings.

It should be noted that Mayor Chris Pengra was appointed to this board before he was elected as mayor. He says that this board is where he got his start in city government.

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