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First year of deer harvest program goes well

By Linda Petersen
AMERICAN FORK City officials received an update on the urban deer program at a recent city council meeting.

As of November 21, 15 deer 13 does, one buck and one fawn had been harvested from four locations around the city. Of those, 10 had been harvested from the amphitheater while two each had been harvested from 1080 N. 100 E. and 575 S. 100 W. with one from 800 S. 100 W.

Police Sgt. Josh Sergeant Christensen told the council if the hunters encountered a buck and a doe at the same time, they chose the doe first. Highland had a high buck-to-doe ratio, whereas American Fork's ratio was lower, he said. The average sit time was four hours. All of the meat was donated to local families.

The city entered into a three-year contract with Humphries Archery in American Fork in March for this program which costs the city the city $4,500 a year. It is a three-year program.

The harvesting, conducted by trained specialists, began September 25 and will continue until December 31. Organizers anticipated they would harvest about 15 more deer by then.

Christensen told the city council that American Fork was the last city to receive these prices. If the city opts to continue the program after the three years, it will cost $2,500 per location, or $10,000 per year total, to cover the city.

The city does not have to continue at each location; however, harvesting areas would depend upon the locations of the deer each year, he said.

The city had 100 tags allotted for the harvest, he said.
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