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Highland Library expands

By Linda Petersen
Highland City officials have approved a request from the city library to expand into the multipurpose room at City Hall where the library is currently located.

All the costs for the expansion, which are expected to be around $32,000, will be borne by the Highland City Library Foundation.

There will be no structural changes to the room itself, and all shelving and equipment will be moveable so the room can be used for community events as needed.

The library will use the new space to offer children's materials and events, along with study and work space for library patrons. Officials said the expanded space will also allow them to offer additional community educational events.

Over the past year, library use has increased, with 22 percent more registered users, a 15 percent increase in materials being circulated and a 140 percent increase in library-sponsored events.

This move is in keeping with the library's strategic plan to provide "a versatile community space which evolves with changing technology and social trends to empower unique learning opportunities, literacy, and lifelong education," library officials said.
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