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Highland plans for future of gravel pit

By Linda Petersen
HIGHLAND The city is in the process of forming an ad hoc committee to study the effects of the closure of the gravel pit currently being operated by Kilgore at the mouth of American Fork Canyon at 4600 West and Timpanogos Highway.

The pit is nearing the end of its life cycle and is expected to close in seven to 10 years. Currently, Highland City owns about 11 acres of the total property. The ad hoc committee would study both the city property and the total property in terms of land use, transportation and utilities for future development.

In December, then-Mayor Mark Thompson reported to the council that Kilgore has already started excavation along the west side of the city's property.

"This is an important thing for us to move through fairly quickly," he said.

Thompson suggested that the ad hoc committee should be made up of at least one resident from the Viewpoint subdivision (because it would be the most impacted by any development), along with two other citizens, City Engineer Todd Trane, Public Works Operations and Maintenance Manager Justin Parduhn, a member of the city council and a member of the planning commission. He also volunteered to serve on the committee himself because of his history with his property.

New Mayor Rod Mann will make further recommendations for committee appointments to the city council. The ad hoc committee is expected to report its findings to the city council by July 17.
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