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Hurricane Harvey hero has local connection

By Matthew Gary Milam
CEDAR FORT -- Linda Metcalf, local Cedar Fort resident, is doing more than just watching the Weather Channel's constant coverage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas. She's cheering on, from a distance, her nephew, Ken Barrow.

Ken Barrow is an attorney who lives in the town of First Colony in the Houston area. He owns an 18-foot airboat that has become his key piece of equipment for doing what he loves: helping rescue people from natural disasters, specifically the flooding caused by Gulf Coast hurricanes that leaves people displaced and in peril because of the rising flood waters.

Dan has been helping rescue flood victims for many years. He started his involvement in hurricane relief efforts when Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005. His involvement with rescue efforts for Hurricane Harvey, however, is the first time he has deployed his airboat for rescue purposes.

Barrow showed up on August 27 with his boat and worked with local neighborhood volunteers in the Willow Meadows area of Houston to rescue more than 100 stranded victims from Harvey flooding. Barrow responded to a call from local authorities in the Houston area who asked for those with small watercraft to aid in the rescue efforts. Barrow followed GPS coordinates provided by authorities to one resident's home who was able to provide him with a large list of residents who were in need of rescuing from the flood waters.

Barrow told the local newspaper, The Jewish Herald-Voice, "We went block by block, just trying to help as many people as we could. Everywhere we went, there were residents in single-story houses, especially, that had dire need to get out. Many elderly, many with pets."

After his rescue efforts, Barrow returned to his home in First Colony just in time to notice that his own home might be in danger from the rising flood waters of the nearby Brazos River. Barrow said he was concerned about this, but felt confident about things and that he would have his boat ready should he need to.

Barrow is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is through volunteer work with the LDS church, he says, that he learned to love volunteer work.
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