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Lehi and Saratoga Springs agree on annexations

By Linda Petersen
Lehi and Saratoga Springs cities have worked out their differences over a boundary dispute.

In recent months, a number of annexation petitions (Perelle Meadows Annexation, Johansen Annexation, Webb Annexation and McLachlan Annexation) were filed by property owners between the eastern boundary of Saratoga Springs and the western boundary of Lehi.

Lehi City filed protests with the Utah County Boundary Commission opposing those annexations but, last September, the boundary commission rejected Lehi's claims and found in favor of the property owners.

Also under dispute was a property owned by SOA Investments, Ltd., at Redwood Road and approximately 900 North which has been recognized by Utah County as being within the jurisdiction of Saratoga Springs since the early 2000s but is now shown as within the jurisdiction of Lehi. Both cities have been trying to claim that the property should be in their jurisdiction but have now come to an agreement that it will be part of Lehi.

Under the agreement, Lehi agrees to withdraw and waive the protests and claims it has with respect to the McLachlan, Johansen, and Perelle Meadows annexation and its right to bring any claims or actions regarding these annexations.

Saratoga Springs agrees to withdraw and waive any rights or claims it may have to protest or challenge Lehi's annexation of the Webb property.

The parties also agree that the jurisdiction of the SOA property shall be identified by the Utah County Recorder as located in Lehi City, and Saratoga Springs agrees to not challenge the jurisdiction of the SOA Property on the condition that Lehi will require any development of the SOA Property to match Saratoga Springs' sign code in effect on Redwood Road for the adjacent properties located in Saratoga Springs.

Both cities will amend their annexation expansion area maps to match the areas to be annexed. They will also work cooperatively to provide access, connectivity, utilities and transportation services between the two cities. For 400 East, Main Street, 1900 South/Pony Express Road, and 2300 West specifically, the cities will adjust the number of lanes of travel for roadways in master plans to match the city's roadway which has the greater number of lanes of travel.

The agreement is effective for 50 years. If at any point all parties agree that the agreement is no longer necessary, it may be terminated by the mutual agreement of the parties.
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