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Lehi plans pedestrian bridge over Timpanogos Highway

By Linda Petersen
LEHI The city recently held an open house on a pedestrian bridge they're proposing over the Timpanogos Highway near Digital Drive.

The bridge, or grade-separated trail crossing, would connect the Utah Southern Historic Rail Trail on the north side of the Timpanogos Highway, or SR-92, to the Murdock Connector Trail on the south side. The structure would cross the road at a skewed angle. (Planners say a perpendicular crossing over SR-92 would prove to be difficult as it would interfere with the future Trax structure over the highway.)

The ramps up to the bridge would follow the existing rail trail alignment with a retaining wall on the east side along the existing trail. The sides of the crossing structure would be elevated to meet minimum UDOT clearance requirements.

Current cost estimates put the project, which would be located within UTA's right-of-way, at $4.6 million. Half of the funding would be provided by a U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) program grant being managed by the Utah Transit Authority. The city is currently working with the Mountainlands Association of Governments to try and secure the required matching funding through that organization.

Lehi Community Development Director Kim Struthers said the plan is currently in the concept stage. If the plan receives anticipated funding and approvals, the bridge would likely be constructed by 2020.

Struthers said more than 50 residents, many of them cyclists who currently use the trails, attended the open house. Most were very supportive of the plan, he said.

The Rail Trail currently has a grade-separated crossing over Adobe Way and two approved and funded grade-separated crossings at Traverse Mountain Boulevard and Flight Park Road.

The proposed bridge is part of a larger group of projects being funded by the TIGER grant. The grant is providing $20 million toward a portion of the costs for more than 100 projects designed to enhance transit access, including bus stops, bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges.
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