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My Little Paintbrush teaches little painters color, creativity and confidence

By Christy Jepson
Saratoga Springs resident, Cami Adams, was just trying to find a class for her 7-year old daughter who finally showed interest in something---art. But she couldn't find anything, so after a 10-year break from painting, Adams got out her art supplies and started teaching her daughter. That was the very beginning of My Little Paintbrush.

Even though Adams studied art at BYU-Idaho, she admits she was terrified getting back to painting after her 10-year break from it. However, their business wouldn't exist today if her husband, Seth, didn't encourage her to get her paint supplies out and teach their daughter everything she knew.

"My daughter's love of art pushed me and we started weekly paint sessions in our home at our kitchen table," said Adams. She then casually posted a picture on social media about her little family's art class and instantly received several comments asking where people could sign up, where they can find supplies, and what she would charge for private lessons. Adams then quickly knew there was a need for art classes in the area. So last summer, she started teaching 10 painting classes to kids. Those classes quickly filled up. She loved her little painters and their creations so much she continued classes in the fall too. This time she had 150 kids coming to her classes plus more kids on waiting lists.

Her husband, Seth Adams, found a place on 102 W. Main Street in Lehi for lease and thought that would be the perfect place to move their business to. The first class at this new location was held on February 6. Their new location now has space for 30 painters per class. She offers classes in three different age groups: 5-8, 8-12, 12-18. Once a month she also offers a date night paint class and a mommy and me class. On the website, you can see the month at a glance to see what picture you want to paint. During the month of February, she taught eight different pictures.

When asked where she gets her ideas, Adams said, "My children inspire me daily. The world around me inspires me. My students inspire me. Color, I love color!"

Adams believes everyone can be an artist and create something beautiful. "I truly believe we are all artists! Creators! It makes sense. Our creator is a master artist. We have it in us. As we are all different, so will be what we create."

That is how they now run their family business... in addition to teaching painting skills, they try to build confidence in each child that walks through the door knowing they've all come together to create their own little masterpieces.

To get more information about classes and prices, you can visit their website at They are located at 102 W. Main Street in Lehi.
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