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Cedar Fort residents work together in cemetery
CEDAR FORT -- Equipped with tape measures, clipboards and work gloves, between 40 and 50 volunteers worked together Saturday, September 10, to map features and install road borders in the Cedar Fort Cemetery. Beginning at 6:30 a.m., Harry Draper cooked a hearty pancake-and-eggs breakfast for the early risers. Vickie Draper, president of the Sons and Daughters of Cedar Valley history preservation society, organized the mapping teams who then walked through the cemetery measuring and recordin
More restrictions on students parking around high school
AMERICAN FORK —The city council has expanded residential parking permit areas around American Fork High School that are regulated by the city. At an August 8 city council meeting, several residents complained of problems with students parking. One resident had a preschool and was concerned about the safety of her students because she had "continuous" problems with people parking in front of her home and business. Mel Radmall said that the police department had been inconsistent in regulating
Bookmobile program ends in Cedar Hills
CEDAR HILLS — Local readers will no longer have access to the bookmobile after Utah County informed city officials it would no longer help fund the bookmobile program without the city's help. The county worked up some figures and proposed that Cedar Hills pay $5,616 for the service which had previously been provided for free. In the past, the bookmobile stopped at the roundabout near Walmart from 1 to 3 p.m. every other Monday. According to county figures, from June 2016 to May 2017 there wer
American Fork regulates porta potties
AMERICAN FORK — City officials have approved a watershed ordinance they say gives the city the ability to oversee its watershed to protect the city's water supply. Individuals using portable toilets, vault privies, septic tanks, leach fields or animal enclosures for construction or recreational activities are now required to obtain an American Fork watershed protection permit in addition to a Utah County Health Department permit. A copy of the latter must be presented when applying for the ci
Firehouse Subs donations help make Utah County safer
AMERICAN FORK -- The American Fork Fire Department recently received a grant from the Firehouse Subs Foundation for $33,145 in extrication equipment. The equipment, which is battery-operated, will speed up the time it takes to rescue motor vehicle accident victims. Currently, the department utilizes gas-powered tools which can be unreliable in low temperatures. The Lehi Police Department also received a $12, 950 grant from the Foundation to purchase tactical helmets which will protect firefig
Father and Coach remembered and celebrated
On September 18, family and friends wanted to help them celebrate the life of a friend, and fellow coach as well as help to collect funds that would keep Brandon Bourgeois' two sons involved in sports as their father would have wanted.  They gathered at American Fork High School and released balloons in the team colors of red, white and black.  Many remembered Brourgeois as someone they could always depend on as he was always willing to help others.  Donations are still being accepted at
Northern Utah Notes
ALPINE The Healey Well will be out of service for the rest of the season due to mechanical issues. Because of this, city officials are asking residents to conserve water by reducing their sprinkler times. AMERICAN FORK The American Fork DUP Museum now has an in-house digital resource center that is word searchable. Guests can find histories and pictures of the early settlers of American Fork. You can visit the museum by appointment. CEDAR HILLS 40th Birthday Cedar Hills will celebrate
High School and Middle School Events
All Schools - Fall break - October 19 - 23 American Fork High Home Events Football - September 29 vs. Granger at 7:00 Football - October 13 vs. Bingham at 7:00 Soccer - September 28 vs. Pleasant Grove at 3:30 Soccer - October 3 vs. Bingham at 3:30 Volleyball - September 26 vs. Bingham at 6:00 Volleyball - October 3 vs. Pleasant Grove at 6:00 Volleyball - October 10 vs. Lone Peak at 6:00 Volleyball - October 12 vs. West Lake at 6:00 Lehi High Home Events Football - October 13 vs. M
Eagle Mountain bench holds dark history
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain is located in the Cedar Valley in Northern Utah. The city only has an official history of twenty years, but the area has a long history and has been witness to good and bad events. The Cedar Valley is usually associated with the Pony Express trail that runs trough it, but the Pony Express is not the only history the valley has seen. As the Eagle Mountain benches are developed, the cedar trees are cleared and open space is covered with buildings and pavement. D
Developmental Center board looks at annexation
State developmental center officials are considering filing a petition to have some of its property, currently located in Highland, annexed instead into American Fork. At the heart of the matter is a proposed development on some of the USDC's property which would bring in revenues to the facility. A USDC master plan, developed in 2013, for more than 750 acres of the state-owned property includes residential and commercial components. The development center is currently in discussions with


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