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Cedar Fort to pursue Land Patent
by Charlynn Anderson The Cedar Fort Mayor and Town Council unanimously voted to pursue patenting seven acres of BLM land at the Town Council meeting on April 12, 2018. The Town is currently leasing 12.5 acres of land from the Federal Bureau of Land Management. Mayor David Gustin said that it would be wise for the town to secure ownership of that parcel because the Cedar Fort Community Center is located there. Since Cedar Fort has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant to remodel
Town looks to improve cemetery road
CEDAR FORT The cemetery was a major point of discussion during the town council's April meeting. A survey conducted by the town last year indicated that of 93 households surveyed, 39 of them want the cemetery road restored to its original state while 44 would like to have grass available and 19 would like the timbers straightened and to have gravel put in. Of the respondents, 46 have family members buried in the cemetery. (Twenty-four homeowners declined to make any comment). Mayor Da
Cedar Fort Hires New Treasurer
By Charlynn Anderson Cedar Fort town officials approved Ashley Cook as the new Town Treasurer at the March 17 council meeting. Cook replaces former treasurer Autumn Blackner who resigned in February. Cedar Fort Mayor David Gustin said that he and Town Councilman Richard Stark had interviewed Cook and found that her qualifications would be an excellent fit for the position. Before taking a vote on the appointment, Gustin allowed the rest of the Town Council to ask Cook questions. In r
Cedar Fort Town Council revises Commercial Business License Ordinance
CEDAR FORT -- The Cedar Fort Town Council unanimously passed revisions to the Commercial Business License Ordinance at the monthly Town Council meeting on February 22, 2018. Mayor David Gustin said that the revisions changed only the process of obtaining a commercial business license and the procedures of dealing with the town. The ordinance requires the applicants to notify all neighbors around the business location so that the neighbors have an opportunity to respond to the Town with any objec
New treasurer for Cedar Fort
CEDAR FORT The town council appointed a new town treasurer at its March 17 meeting. Ashley Cook was appointed to the position after an interview with Mayor David Gustin and Councilmember Richard Stark who recommended her to the council. Cook has been a financial broker for the last four years and has managed the books of Cedar Valley Net for 2 1/2 years. The council thanked Autumn Blackner for her service. At the same meeting, the council voted to appoint Christopher Whiting who has lived i
Cedar Fort Planning Commission holds public hearing on Right to Farm Ordinance
Concerns over the interface between established agricultural lands and potential new residential development prompted the Cedar Fort Planning and Zoning Commission to hold a public hearing on March 6, 2018. Besides discussing the proposed Right to Farm ordinance, planning commissioners also listened to public input on proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance on easements and roads. The Planning Commission listened to public comment and discussed ways to mitigate potential conflicts bet
Fire department gets new equipment
CEDAR FORT Thanks to a swap with Unified Fire, the fire department will be getting a water tender, a brush truck and a bunker truck. At its February 20 meeting, Fire Chief Steven Bowman reported to the town council that Unified Fire had approved the swap for the town's Can Am (side by side truck). With these additions, the town will now have two fire trucks, a brush truck and a water tender, he said. Bowman also told them seven recruits have graduated from their training and have joined the
Utah National Parks Council hosts service day at new scout camp
The Utah National Parks Council will soon have 13 camps available for scouts, youth, community groups, church groups and families to enjoy. On January 20, the announcement was made that this new camp (not yet named) will be located in Eagle Mountain at the bottom of Pole Canyon, in between Fairfield and Cedar Fort. Thanks to a generous donation, this 100-acre camp will include flat, open wooded areas that are ideal for large or small group camping. Some of the camp features will be: a Stake A
Lake Mountain Road gets a new set of teeth
One of the problems with the explosive growth of Eagle Mountain is transportation. Transportation has been a constant battle and will continue to be one as the city feels the pains of growth. But one of the side effects of that growth is unintended traffic on roads that were never designed for that type of traffic. Lake Mountain Road has been around for as long as anyone can remember. If you ask anyone from Lehi, Cedar Fort or prior to Eagle Mountain cities, they will have stories about driving
Fairfield to extend water line
FAIRFIELD Town officials have awarded the bid to complete an extension of the town's culinary water line. On February 27, the $106, 282 culinary water project which will run north parallel to Highway 73 and east on 2200 North Was awarded to Strong Solutions LLC. Four parties, Shawn and Heather Strong, Kyler and Stephanie Fisher, Jerry Bradshaw and Jane and Gary Lancaster, who will benefit from the line, will each pay the town $22,670.50. Initially, town officials had planned to have the


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