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Cedar Fort council makes planning commission changes
CEDAR FORT—Several personnel issues were addressed at the May 23 council meeting. The town council appointed Autumn Blackner as the new town treasurer. Bart Berry was appointed to the planning and zoning commission. Planning Commission Chair Barry Miller told the council his term would end on June 30 and that they needed to look for a replacement. Dave Rose was put in as the planning and zoning vice chair. Fire chief Steve Bowen reported that the fire department was getting 13 to 14 new fire cre
Question and answer with Cedar Fort candidates
The Crossroads Journal recently gave each Cedar Fort mayoral and city council candidate the chance to respond to questions about the issues facing their community. Sixteen questions were sent to each of the candidates in the municipal elections that The Crossroads Journal covers. These candidates were given the opportunity to answer questions on a wide range of topics including; roads, development, family life, open space, schools and why they are running for office. Participation in the surv
Conversations with a Horse
Anxiety and depression are becoming more common as our lives seem to become filled with responsibilities and expectations. Medications can help, but maybe it's time to explore the cause of the problems. Did you know that talking to a horse can be beneficial to your mental health? The long running TV show, Mr. Ed, (1961-1966), about an owner who carried on conversations with his horse was not only fun but pointed out that our animals can be aware of our thoughts and needs. In more recent years ho
Candidates run for local offices
Between June 1 and June 7, northern Utah County residents in several communities filed declarations of candidacy for various city government offices. See the list below for candidates in your community. AMERICAN FORK Three individuals have filed to run for mayor, a four-year position currently held by Mayor James H. Hadfield. They are Carlton Bowen and Brad Frost (current city council members) and Daniel Copper. Eight people have filed for the four-year city council positions currentl
Cedar Fort gets new planning and zoning member, treasurer
CEDAR FORT—The town council recently appointed Bart Berry as a new Planning and Zoning Board member to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Paul Peterson. His term will end in 2021. The council also appointed council member Richard Stark as city treasurer after a search for a new treasurer came up empty and Stark volunteered for the position. The council unanimously approved him as treasurer (with Stark abstaining) with the provision that his assignment over budget would be shifted to an
Lake Mountain a popular area for bird watching
Between Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs lies Lake Mountain. This northern Utah County mountain is home to a wide variety of wildlife. That wildlife includes a wide range of birds. With Eagle Mountain's open spaces and green space policies, there are plenty of locations for bird watching. Jeff Cooper, an avid birder as well as blog author at and nature photographer, talked about his experiences in birding around Lake Mountain. "My interest in birding around
Eagle Mountain, other cities to vote by mail
The Eagle Mountain City Council recently voted on a resolution to use Vote by Mail (VBM) as the mechanism for the 2017 municipal election. The resolution passed with a 3-2 vote (Adam Bradley, Ben Reaves and Tom Westmoreland voted in favor while Colby Curtis and Stephanie Gricius voted against). As more information became available, a couple of the city council members tried to bring the item back for a re-vote and more discussion, but they were unable to garner enough support to bring the item b
Cub Scouts complain about Cedar Fort roads
On March 21, Cedar Fort officials had a visit from local Cub Scouts who brought their scooters with them. Ryan Stark told the town council that since the town chip sealed the roads, the roads are too rough and the kids cannot ride their scooters to school. City officials explained that the town didn't have funds to pave the road and that chip sealing them was the only option. Clarence Ault also complained about the roads and said his road was falling apart and that he had put his own money into
LEHI The Lehi City Council has approved the issuance of $5 million in sales tax revenue bonds to fund a new fire station being constructed at 3870 N. Traverse Mountain Boulevard. The bonds are being issued for 25 years and the resolution passed by the council indicated that they could have no more than a 6 percent interest rate. The station is expected to cost about $5.29 million. This third Lehi fire station will include living quarters, offices and a training/community room. It will be man
Cedar Fort halts building permits for 90 days
Cedar Fort officials have instituted a 90-day moratorium on all new building permits and subdivision applications. The town has taken this measure to address changes and issues in the land use ordinance and building permit ordinance, said Mayor Howard Anderson. The moratorium will be effective through April 26.


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