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Bikers Ride to stop bullying
A chilly fall motorcycle ride warmed plenty of hearts and helped change a child's view of himself and the world. On October 15, a group of over one hundred riders on sixty-plus motorcycles rode from Utah County to the Idaho Falls area in support of Jackson Bezzant, an eight-year-old boy coping with Treacher Collins syndrome. Jackson's genetic disorder has left him with under-developed facial bones and functional problems with his ears, nose, eyes and esophagus. Besides his physical challenges an
Election Results 2017
The Utah County Municipal Election results as posted on on November 14. Final results will be available on November 21. Congressional District 3 Jim Bennett                        6,675 Joe Buchman                     1,910 Kathie Allen                        9,153         Jason Christensen             1,225 John Curtis                      49,551 Sean Whalen                    2,422   Alpine Mayor Troy Stout                             1,378 Sheldon G. Wimmer       
Town officials discuss bookmobile, meet the candidates events
Cedar Fort — Town officials have received notice from Utah County that the county will no longer be supplementing the cost of the countywide bookmobile. New rates for the bookmobile will be $8,400/year for a regular three-hour stop in Cedar Fort. Mayor Howard Anderson and town council members discussed various options for reducing the cost at their Sept. 19 meeting. Anderson said about three-quarters of those that use the bookmobile are school children and suggested sending a letter to the Al
Cedar Fort Candidate Questions - General Election 2017
The Crossroads Journal emailed candidates for Mayor and City Council in local cities to ask questions about their platforms and qualifications. The questions and their responses are printed below. Question: There is a steep learning curve in becoming well-versed and effective in managing local government operations and functions. What strategies, tools and methods will you use to most quickly and efficiently bring yourself up to speed on those aspects of governance? Wyatt Cook, City Counci
Cedar Fort residents work together in cemetery
CEDAR FORT -- Equipped with tape measures, clipboards and work gloves, between 40 and 50 volunteers worked together Saturday, September 10, to map features and install road borders in the Cedar Fort Cemetery. Beginning at 6:30 a.m., Harry Draper cooked a hearty pancake-and-eggs breakfast for the early risers. Vickie Draper, president of the Sons and Daughters of Cedar Valley history preservation society, organized the mapping teams who then walked through the cemetery measuring and recordin
Hurricane Harvey hero has local connection
CEDAR FORT -- Linda Metcalf, local Cedar Fort resident, is doing more than just watching the Weather Channel's constant coverage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas. She's cheering on, from a distance, her nephew, Ken Barrow. Ken Barrow is an attorney who lives in the town of First Colony in the Houston area. He owns an 18-foot airboat that has become his key piece of equipment for doing what he loves: helping rescue people from natural disasters, sp
Eagle Mountain Youth Council
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- One way that Eagle Mountain has setup for the youth to get involved is through the Eagle Mountain Youth Council. The youth council is defined by Eagle Mountain City code in Chapter 2.45. It is designed to give the youth of the Cedar Valley (Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort, and Fairfield) a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the cities' representative form of government. The council also is to help the mayor and city council solve problems by working directly with them. It
New town building for Fairfield
FAIRFIELD — Plans are moving forward on a new town building and museum. On July 20, the town council voted to authorize Mayor Brad Gurney to sign an agreement on the construction of a new town building and museum. Utah County will pay $300,000 towards the project and the state will contribute $1 million, Gurney said. The multipurpose room that was originally on the plans would need to be downsized or eliminated due to cost. He also said that the state is willing to give the town the existing com
Town officials look at July 24 celebration
Cedar Fort—In its July 25 meeting, the town council spent some time evaluating the July 24 celebration and planning for its future. The breakfast and raffle did well and despite an issue with flies that they plan to address next year, were well-received. The Lucky Square and baseball games were also popular. The run which went well and is now self-sustaining should start earlier in the future, Council Member Richard Stark said. There was also a concern about speeding vehicles including four-w
Cedar Fort enters county-sponsored decorative bull contest
The Utah County Fair on August 16-19 will not only fill the Spanish Fork Fair Grounds with the traditional prize-winning produce and livestock, but will also host a new community-themed contest featuring painted plywood bulls. Utah County Fair organizers provided the plywood cutouts to each city and town along with the challenge of decorating the bulls to represent their unique communities. Alisha Anderson designed Cedar Fort's entry for the bull contest and painted the bull with the help of


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