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Northern Utah County Notes
On January 3, the County Commission approved several voting district boundary changes, resulting in the creation of five new precincts in Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and Lehi. BYU Young Ambassadors present benefit concert with Lone Peak choirs The BYU Young Ambassadors will join the Lone Peak High School choirs for a benefit concert on Saturday, February 3, at 7 p.m. in the Lone Peak High School auditorium, 10189 N. 4800 W., Highland. Proceeds will benefit the Lone Peak High School ch
Sunset Flats adds 384 homes in City Center
On January2, 2018, the Eagle Mountain City Council approved the Sunset Flats subdivision. Shortly after Mayor Tom Westmoreland, council member Donna Burnham and council member Melissa Clark were sworn in, they voted on the proposed Sunset Flats Master Development Plan (MDP) and Master Development Agreement (MDA). The ordinance and resolution passed with a 5-0 vote. The plan was originally brought before the citycouncil on September 5, 2017. At that point, the citycouncil voted against the
Cedar Fort Mayor elected by 7 votes
Cedar Fort is a small community that is nestled in the Cedar Valley west of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. The town was settled in 1856. In 2010 it had a population of 368. In the 2017 general election, the city had two 4-year Town Council seats and the Mayor's seat up for election. There were a total of 169 people who voted in the election (155 voted at the polling station, 12 provisional ballots, and 15 absentee ballots). Because of the small number of people involved in the election the
Eagle Mountain Radio
If you live in the Eagle Mountain ranches area, and you have been trying to find a new FM radio station, you may of stumbled on a broadcast on Sunday nights. Chris Floyd, "The Muffinman" was asked by his church to be what is called an Emergency Preparedness Specialist. He accepted the responsibility and has also found a way to expand it and help him pursue his love for radio. Chris is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Daysaints. His church is broken up into local congregations th
Concerned EM residents continue to seek delays to blasting
Although recent changes to city code are considered a positive and welcome step forward by Eagle Mountain residents with concerns over damage to property from construction blasting in the area, the battle appears to be far from over. According to Riley Jenkins, founder of the Facebook page, "Stop the Blasting," changes made to code in the recent planning commission meeting "are missing a few key points to which [Riley and his group] had given feedback. The concern residents have, particularly
Eagle Mountain City Council and Planning Commission work on new General Plan
The Eagle Mountain City Council and Planning Commission held a special work session on December 12, 2017, to go over a new General Plan. The meeting was attended by members of the Planning Commission, current members of the City Council, the City Council and Mayor-Elect, and several City Staff. There were three residents in attendance as well, one of them being a former Planning Commission member. The meeting was to discuss the new General Plan that the city staff and consultants have been wo
New Lot Size Transition Code passed
Eagle Mountain City Staff and the Planning Commission have been working on a transitioning code for several months now. The City Council and Planning Commission asked city staff to review and revise the development code as it relates to lot sizes and the transitioning of sizes adjacent to current lots. After the code was reviewed in several planning commission meetings and input from the public in public hearings it was passed on November 11, 2017, by the city council with a 4-0 vote. All the pr
Possible fire service tax increase for Eagle Mountain
EAGLE MOUNTAIN Local residents are probably looking at a tax increase for fire service. Eagle Mountain is one of the 11 member communities of the Unified Fire Service Area, the taxing entity that funds the Unified Fire Area. UFA officials are currently proposing a 9.56 percent tax increase which they say would mean a $23.78 annual increase on the property tax for a $250,000 home and an increase of $43.24 on a business of the same value. Currently, Eagle Mountain residents pay an average of
Land deal for Pony Express expansion
During the City Council Meeting on December 5th, the Eagle Mountain City Council agreed to modify the Overland / SITLA Master Development Plan (MDP) and the Master Development Agreement. The Staff report gives this background, "The SITLA (State of Utah School Institutional Trust Lands Administration) master development plan and agreement was approved in 2003, vesting the Mid-Valley portion of the project with 3,564 maximum residential units at an average density of 3 units per acre. Ivory Develo
Pageant season comes early for some
Some young women and pageant organizers in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs are already looking forward to spring more specifically to March when both cities will hold their pageants. Eagle Mountain's pageant committee held its first orientation December 6, but it's not too late for young women interested in competing or even in finding out more, Pageant Director Jessica Bodily said. This year along with the Miss Eagle Mountain Pageant, the city is adding a Miss Eagle Mountain's Outstand


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