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Taxes by the numbers in Eagle Mountain
Eagle Mountain has several different revenue streams that feed into its general fund. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the general fund would be that of taxes. Taxes account for a larger portion of the general fund's revenue than any other source, including fees collected from business licenses, building permits and the like. 2007 was the only year in the last nine years where fees bypassed taxes as the largest revenue stream. Since 2006, Eagle Mountain has received revenue into the gen
West Side Theatre Company plans Broadway concert
Lots of exciting things are going in the Saratoga Springs area and The West Side Theatre Company is one of them. The West Side Theatre Company is now the newest theater group in the area. Bringing theater and the arts to the west side of Utah County allows residents to participate and enjoy the theater closer to home at affordable prices. WSTC's first production, "First Impressions: A Broadway Benefit Concert," will be performed on April 28 at Garden Near the Green in Eagle Mountain. Hannah F
Courtney Johnson named principal of Eagle Mountain's new high school
In March 2017, the Alpine School District broke ground for the construction of a new high school in Eagle Mountain. In the process of getting things geared up for the construction, the school district selected Courtney Johnson as the new principal for the currently un-named high school. There have been many questions surrounding the new high school. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to the new high school and how it will affect the community. But one of these unknowns is not who the p
Point of the Mountain: Looking to the Future
The location along Interstate15 where it passes between Utah and Salt Lake Counties has been a significant geographical landmark for those who have lived and traveled in Utah over the years. This pass along Traverse Mountain has for years been colloquially referred to as "The Point of the Mountain" by long-time Northern Utah residents who have traveled between the two counties. The splendid views of both Utah and Salt Lake Counties from atop Traverse Mountain has inspired residential growth duri
Mud roads cause strife in Eagle Mountain
Eagle Mountain City has policies in place that require developers to put in roads to the developments they are creating before it issues building permits for the subdivisions that are supposed to be accessed using those roads. In general, the roads are required to be paved and meet all the city requirements. But there have been several times in the past when these requirements have not been met, were not required at the time or have been waived for various reasons. When the developer is not resp
Eagle Mountain growth brings benefits, challenges
One of the best indicators of city growth is development. Eagle Mountain has seen an increase in growth over the last six years. Since 2006, the city has issued a total of 6,618 building permits. The Eagle Mountain building department has also been busy doing more than 27,000 inspections since 2010. Stephanie Gricius, a member of the Eagle Mountain City Council, said, "We've been running as fast as our feet will carry us for years, but now we're to the point of re-evaluating our options as ou
Elected Officials Discuss Traffic and Roads
Mayor Pengra (Eagle Mountain), Representative Jefferson Moss, Senator Jacob Anderegg, and Shawn Seager (Director, Metropolitan Planning Organization - Mountainland Association of Governments) had an cottage-type meeting with Stephanie Gricius (EM City Council), and Paula Hill (Alpine School District Board). Senator Anderegg and Representive Moss spent some of the time discussing their currently planned legislative actions, and some of the difficulties they are currently facing in the legislator.
GRAMA - A guide to obtaining public records
Have you ever wondered how you can get information from the city? Let's say you want to know how many business licenses have been issued by the city, and the contact information for those applications. Maybe you also want to know the status of a current project. There is a process in place that will allow residents to receive public records from the city for little to no cost. One of the tasks that the city recorder has to handle is the requests made by residents for public records. These req
Eagle Mountain renews Ladder Sign agreement with chamber
On March 7, the Eagle Mountain City Council voted unanimously to continue their agreement between Eagle Mountain and the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce for the management and maintenance of the Ladder Signs that are located throughout Eagle Mountain. There are currently 17 Ladder Signs that are spread through out the city. The majority of the signs can be found along the main roads (Ranches Parkway and Pony Express Boulevard) in The Ranches area of Eagle Mountain. The remaining signs are found
Brandon Park Estates gains approval from city
On March 7, the Eagle Mountain City Council approved the Brandon Park Preliminary Plat Plan as well as the Brandon Park Master Development Agreement. This is not the first time that the city council has discussed this project and parcel of land. This parcel was at one point know as Equestrian Estates and was discussed before the city in 2007. The plan for Equestrian Estates never came to fruition and was changed to Brandon Park. The plan for Brandon Park was reviewed in January 2016 and then aga


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