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Eagle Mountain hosts writers' workshop
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance (EMAA) held their Writing Workshop in Eagle Mountain on September 9, at Black Ridge Elementary School. The event hosted 70 writers from around Utah and several out of state attendees (Arizona, and Idaho). Participants could choose from 21 different classes the attendees taught by 18 different instructors from authors just starting out, to authors who have sold best-selling novels. The classes were designed to help writers improve their writing
Golden Eagle Released in EM
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Second Chance, a wildlife rescue, that specializes in birds of prey, released a Golden Eagle back into the wild in the Eagle Mountain Area on September 5th. Debbie Souza-Pappas, founder and director of Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation of Price Utah, said that the total cost was around $500 for medical supplies and food to rehabilitate the Golden Eagle. But, if you take into consideration the time spent, the total cost would be closer to $5,500 for rehabilitation. Thi
Northern Utah Notes
ALPINE The Healey Well will be out of service for the rest of the season due to mechanical issues. Because of this, city officials are asking residents to conserve water by reducing their sprinkler times. AMERICAN FORK The American Fork DUP Museum now has an in-house digital resource center that is word searchable. Guests can find histories and pictures of the early settlers of American Fork. You can visit the museum by appointment. CEDAR HILLS 40th Birthday Cedar Hills will celebrate
Eagle Mountain bench holds dark history
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain is located in the Cedar Valley in Northern Utah. The city only has an official history of twenty years, but the area has a long history and has been witness to good and bad events. The Cedar Valley is usually associated with the Pony Express trail that runs trough it, but the Pony Express is not the only history the valley has seen. As the Eagle Mountain benches are developed, the cedar trees are cleared and open space is covered with buildings and pavement. D
Friends in Need Bake Sale
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Eagle Mountain is home to The Friends in Need Animal Rescue. The organization's website states, "We are simply a group of people who care about the treatment, health and welfare of all animals. We come from different backgrounds, but join together in the rescue project of animals. Kim & Karen started this rescue with the goal of finding a loving home for every animal and have brought us together working towards this common goal." Friends in Need (FIN) is located on Lake Moun
UDOT gives updates on two major projects
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- The western area of Utah County continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Utah. Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain are experiencing massive growth, creating the constant need to expand the services needed by residents and businesses in those areas. One of the biggest areas of concern with all this growth is transportation. The combination of ever-increasing numbers of residents and ongoing construction have clogged the roads, creating the need for local governm
Eagle Mountain Youth Council
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- One way that Eagle Mountain has setup for the youth to get involved is through the Eagle Mountain Youth Council. The youth council is defined by Eagle Mountain City code in Chapter 2.45. It is designed to give the youth of the Cedar Valley (Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort, and Fairfield) a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the cities' representative form of government. The council also is to help the mayor and city council solve problems by working directly with them. It
Hidden Hollow Phase B put on hold
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- On August 22, the Eagle Mountain Planning Commission had the Hidden Hollow Phase B Preliminary Plat brought before them. The Staff Report states, "In November of 2014 the City Council approved the Hidden Hollow Phase A preliminary plat. The proposed Phase B is the next phase of development, located to the south of Phase A. This development was originally referred to as the Cedar Valley Development, and a final plat (Cedar Valley Plat B) was approved by the city council fo
Youth suicide leading cause of death in Utah for ages 10-17
Suicide is a difficult subject for many to discuss, especially childhood suicide. But the dialogue is increasing as suicide has now been named the number one cause of death in Utah for ages 10-17, according to state health reports. The 2015 Utah Prevention Needs Assessment finds an average classroom of 30 in Utah may have 5 students who seriously considered suicide in the past year, 4 who made a suicide plan in the past year, and 2 students who attempted suicide in the last year. Forefront in
Living the good life: Back to school at 70
It's back to school for the kids. Which means, it's back to school for this old man. In other words, I continue living the "Good Life" as most of you do. I have the choice opportunity to work in the special ed department at Rockwell Charter High in Eagle Mountain. Also, I help coach basketball. I'm living the dream at seventy. I work with Ms. Christensen, she is an amazing teacher to work with.  She has taught me the virtue of patience.  I would like to say thanks to all of you wonderful e


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