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Ownership of trail transfers from feds to Saratoga Springs
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The city has agreed to take over ownership of the Lakeshore Trail. The 7.012-acre trail adjacent to Wiltshire Estates and the Saratoga Springs sub area, alongside Utah Lake has been owned by the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands. The trail has been built by various developments over the years and now FFSL wants the city to be responsible for its maintenance. As such, on December 5, the city council agreed to enter into a memorandum of understanding with FFS
Saratoga Springs makes mid-year budget adjustments
Saratoga Springs The city council recently approved several mid-year adjustments to the budget. State statute requires that cities amend their budgets to appropriate or account for funds for increased/decreased expenditures. While budget adjustments are made throughout the year, most cities formally present updated information to their councils in November or December. In Saratoga Springs, the most significant adjustment was to the water department's capital fund where the city shifted f
Northern Utah County Notes
On January 3, the County Commission approved several voting district boundary changes, resulting in the creation of five new precincts in Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and Lehi. BYU Young Ambassadors present benefit concert with Lone Peak choirs The BYU Young Ambassadors will join the Lone Peak High School choirs for a benefit concert on Saturday, February 3, at 7 p.m. in the Lone Peak High School auditorium, 10189 N. 4800 W., Highland. Proceeds will benefit the Lone Peak High School ch
Saratoga Springs Library offers many programs for all ages
Almost seven years ago, the Saratoga Springs library opened with only 13,000 items for residents to check out. Since then, the city has seen much growth and so has the library. "We are so excited about the growth in our city, and we're constantly trying to adjust and provide better resources for our residents," said Sarah DeLong, Library Clerk. "Our program attendance has grown with our population, and we now are offering more kinds of programs than ever before. The library tries to balance t
Lehi and Saratoga Springs agree on annexations
Lehi and Saratoga Springs cities have worked out their differences over a boundary dispute. In recent months, a number of annexation petitions (Perelle Meadows Annexation, Johansen Annexation, Webb Annexation and McLachlan Annexation) were filed by property owners between the eastern boundary of Saratoga Springs and the western boundary of Lehi. Lehi City filed protests with the Utah County Boundary Commission opposing those annexations but, last September, the boundary commission rejected
Saratoga Springs raises water impact fees
SARATOGA SPRINGS The city has increased water impact fees for new development. The changes affect both drinking and secondary water. Impact fees for a residential drinking water connection (termed an Equivalent Residential Connection) will now be $2,246 for developments using city wells. Developers who utilize Central Utah Water Conservancy District water will pay $1,905. Fees for fire flow will be $285 each for both types of connection. "Construction costs are skyrocketing, and this ref
Cedar Fort Mayor elected by 7 votes
Cedar Fort is a small community that is nestled in the Cedar Valley west of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. The town was settled in 1856. In 2010 it had a population of 368. In the 2017 general election, the city had two 4-year Town Council seats and the Mayor's seat up for election. There were a total of 169 people who voted in the election (155 voted at the polling station, 12 provisional ballots, and 15 absentee ballots). Because of the small number of people involved in the election the
Get savvy about snow removal
Saratoga Springs -- Utah's famous powder has been elusive this season, but with the official start of winter just around the corner, it's bound to make more appearances. Whether you're a longtime resident or a new homeowner, it's important to brush up on your responsibilities when it comes to snow removal. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the city of Saratoga Springs share responsibility for keeping the roads clear. UDOT plows the main roads of the city - State Road 73 and Red
Proposed development could increase Saratoga Springs population by 25 percent
SARATOGA SPRINGS Oakwood Homes is seeking to develop 467 acres it is working on purchasing as a master planned community. If the purchase goes through and it can get city approval, Oakwood Homes is planning on developing what they're calling "Jordan Promenade," a mixed-use development of up to 2,350 residential units at 400 South Riverside Drive, south of Pioneer Crossing, east of Redwood Road, north of 400 South, and west of the Jordan River. The development would consist of 265 to 325
Pageant season comes early for some
Some young women and pageant organizers in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs are already looking forward to spring more specifically to March when both cities will hold their pageants. Eagle Mountain's pageant committee held its first orientation December 6, but it's not too late for young women interested in competing or even in finding out more, Pageant Director Jessica Bodily said. This year along with the Miss Eagle Mountain Pageant, the city is adding a Miss Eagle Mountain's Outstand


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